Postgraduate research students

  • Abdul Rahim Syafiqah
    Youth-related Policies in Malaysia
  • Abou Ghaida Susanne
    Life’s Longing for Itself: Growing Up in the Arabic Young Adult Novel
  • Adamu Abdulkadir
  • Al Adawi Idris Hamed Nasser
  • Al Madi Maged Saad O
    Lesson Study as Teacher Development Strategy: A Case Study of Primary School in Riyadh/Saudi Arabia.
  • Al Sinani Salima
    An investigation of the 'Professional Communities of Practice' amongst those responsible for professional development of English teachers in Oman.
  • Al-Qarshoubi Amal
    Academic Staff Retention in Higher Education Institutions in the Sultanate of Oman: The Impact of Incentives
  • Alanazi Abdulaziz Hamoud M
    Educational Policies in Saudi Arabia
    The factors affecting the use of E-Learning at a Saudi University
  • Aldegheri Elena
    Not just pretty words: narrative media,forced migration, community education and integration in Scotland and Italy.
  • Aldossry Badi Shara F
    The effectiveness of iPad in enhancing instruction in Mathematics Teaching and Learning for Secondary School in Saudi Arabia
  • Alghamdi Nasim Ibrahim A
    The role of formative assessment in the curriculum
  • Alghamdi Shatha
    An Investigation of the Role of Cooperating Teachers in Student Teachers’ Professional Learning In Saudi Arabia Reality, Challenges & Prospects
  • Alharbi Ahmed Olayan R
    What kind of curriculum and assessment practices align with communicative language pedagogy? How well does such design suit different phases of schooling?
    The role of E-learning in higher education in Saudi Arabia from the perspective of administrators, students and Faculty members (Case study of Hail and Al-Jouf University)
  • Aljaber Abdullah Awadh M
    Investigation of Using Mobile Learning and Smartphone Applications in Learning in Higher Education in Saudi Arabia
  • Alqarni Saleh Mohammed Q
    An investigation into the acceptance and usefulness of using online resources in English language learning.
  • Alshalhoub Nourah
    An Exploration of Inclusion Education Settings in The Context of Saudi Arabia: Stakeholder Perspectives
  • Alshehri Omar
    To Examine the Usage of Social Media as Tools in E-learning at Bisha University In Saudi Arabia.
  • Ayesha Abida
    Learning Autonomy through a Blended Learning English Language Course: A Case Study of a Pakistani University
  • Balgabekova Dayana
    Mentoring Novice Teachers in Kazakhstani Secondary Schools
  • Binetti Giuseppe
    Rudolf Steiner's pedagogy: Freedom, Spirituality, and Creativity.
  • Bravo Contreras Paulina
    Exploring employers' involvement in the skill formation system through the creation of Sector Skills Councils in Chile.
  • Brown Rhona
    Perceptions and experiences of urban neighbourhood teaching and learning environments and implications for pedagogy in Tanzanian primary schools: a comparative case study.
  • Cai Liexu
    The impact of intercultural engagements on cultural understanding via Confucius Institute in Britain
  • Campbell Paul
  • Chen Ruihua
    Gifted English Language Learners: A comparison between the cultural and practical experiences of Chines students learning English in Scotland and in China
  • Colebrook Christopher
    Evaluating an intervention to approach conflicts management in adult education and learning: a solution orientated coaching approach to increase university student well-being
  • Coles Christopher
  • Cox Sarah
    Language Ecologies: Experiences of women involved in the process of separation and reunion and the impact on intergenerational language learning
  • Dangeni *
    'An Investigation on the Experience of Engagement and Cognitive Development on Becoming an English Language Teacher'
  • Daniels Stephen
    Realising the right to education: Values, Citizenship, and Human Rights Education
  • de Britos Angela
    'Nurturing bilingual children: the voice of Spanish-speaking families in the West of Scotland'
  • Dey Soumi
    Emerging Bilingual Children and Language Aquisition : A cognitive approach to young readers' meaning-making from postmodern picturebooks.
  • Dickson Nicola
    Exploring the relationships between arts-informed adult learning and the recovery journey of women who have experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA).
  • Dulemba Elizabeth
    Tricksters, Witches and Warriors: Rewriting a Patriarchal Narrative in Children's Literature
  • Evangelista Zyra
  • Evans Catrin
    The Arts of Integration: Scottish policies of refugee integration and the role of the creative and performing arts
  • Ge Xiaowen
    Music teachers' thoughts on creativity in school-based and private teaching, in the context of twenty-first-century Chinese policy and teaching tradition.
  • Golden Brighid
    Exploring the potential of development education within initial teacher education in Ireland to develop critical thinking and a commitment to social justice in its students
  • Graham Cameron
    The development of criticality among students in higher education: a case study of Masters students in an elite university.
  • He Rui
    Foreign Language Learners' Acculturation Experiences in Chinese and British Study Abroad Programmes
  • Herdiana .
    The power and potentials of multicultural literature in a diverse archipelago: multiculturalism in Indonesian children’s books, children’s responses, and teachers’ perspectives.
  • Horan Jennifer
    Attached to Tales: Extending librarians' understanding of bibliotherapy and its application in school library settings
  • Huie Kristina
    The Impact of Psychoeducation and Support Networks to Caregivers of People with Dementia
  • Ikhumhen Walter Omo
    Community Development in Ewatto, Edo State, Nigeria: Participation, Empowerment and Development of community members.
    'From Confucianism to Romanticism: The Representation of Childhood Innocence in the Late-Twentieth Century Chinese and British Literature'
  • Li Sicong
    Implementing Technology-enhanced English Language Teaching with Music at Preschools in China: Students’ Experience, Engagement and Performance
  • Liu Jianshu
    Gender stereotypes and women in STEM: A cross-cultural comparison of Chinese & British students associations and attitudes
    An Exploration of Pedagogy Implication for Oracy Demands in Higher Education and ESL (English as a Second Language) Students
  • Lusk Deja
    Paucity of Women in Scottish STEM: Is the Scottish Government Appropriately Addressing the Concern?
  • Lynch Gary
  • Ma Lan
    Library War in the Future: An Exploration of Responses of Young Readers in the Digital Era to the Issues of 'Information and Communication Control by the State' in Science Fiction
  • Macfarlane Gaele
    Teacher Engagement in Professional Learning: A study of globalised groups of pre-sessional English language teachers' perceptions of agency
  • Neil Joanna
    Teaching and learning the creative process with digital auto-ethnography
  • Nelson Elizabeth
    Understanding Online and Offline Playground Culture and Lore in the Digital Age: A study of singing games and participatory culture in three Glasgow schools.
  • Nelson Karen
    An exploratory study of animal assisted
  • Omar Tarig
    From Curriculum Reform to Classroom Practice: Intentions, Perceptions and Actual Implementation in English Secondary Schools in Libya
  • Pacheco Emily-Marie
    When Crisis Strikes: Lived Experiences of International Students During Times of Political Crisis in Home Countries.
  • Pelawi Muhammad
    Managing Higher Education for Widening Participation
  • Peponi Angeliki
    Internationally Educated Teachers in Scotland’s Schools: Included for Inclusion?
  • Preeti *
    Creating Sustainable Livelihood and Inclusive Learning Opportunities through Skills Development in an Urban Neighbourhood
  • Puspitasari Maya
    Investigating the washback effect of English national examination on Indonesian classroom practices
  • Rao Shuqi
    The Challenge of Unity among Diversity: A Comparative Study of National Identity Education in the Context of Globalization in China and Scotland
  • Sameer Ali
    The Securitization of Pakistan and its impact on primary girl’s education
  • Scharf Jenny
    Music Education in Northern Ireland: From There to Here to Where?
  • Sharif Iman
    'Urban Syrian Refugee Schools in Turkey: Needs & Approaches'
  • Shih Hsin-Yi
    A cross-cultural study of the relationship between self-efficacy and academic help-seeking among UK postgraduate students
  • Simonen Petri
    Understanding young adults' key influencers in engagement with lifelong learning
    The Politicisation of ‘Local-Global Childhood’: Lessons from a comparative analysis of India and Ghana in reclaiming pedagogy and the ideals of future childhood
  • Song Jingwei
    Feedback of Assessment for Learning in the English classroom in a Chinese Context: A Comparative Case Study
  • Start Elizabeth
    Investigating Creative, Arts-Inspired Tasks for Critical Intercultural Communication Pedagogy at a German University
  • Strobel Madeleine
    Reading circles in ESL classrooms
  • Walden Laurie Ann
    Equity in Gifted Education
  • Walsh Gary
    Does social justice require a ‘socially just’ citizenry
  • Walters Hannah
    Working-class girls’ experiences of further education and vocational education and training in a time of precarity.
  • Wang Geng
    Making Choices? The Lives of Vocational College Students in China
  • Wang Luyi
    Social inclusion through music education in China? A case study of a high school in Fujian Province.
  • Wang Sihui
    Identity Negotiation and Participation in Intercultural Classroom: Perspectives of International Students at a British University
    Beyond Fitness and Play: Exploring Adult Chinese International Students’ Regular Participation in Amateur Sports Clubs and Its Impact on Their Experiences of Acculturation in Glasgow
  • Wang Yaxi
    The Exploitation of Interpictoriality: the Visual Inter-relationship between Illustrations and Original Artworks in Children's Picturebooks
  • Witayarat Nasatorn
    A segue in Thai cultural identity:Impressions of international students' doctoral experience in the UK and their re-adaptation upon return to their home country.
  • Yohannes Hyab
    The Plight of Eritrean Refugees in a Carceral Age
  • Zhai Keyu
    Social mobility and international graduates in China
  • Zhang Jie
    Chinese Postgraduate Taught Students' Transitional Experiences in the UK: The Role of Social Networks.
  • Zhang Jingjie
    Interregional graduates’ employment migration: A comparative study of Scotland and the Wuhan region in China
  • Zhu Yinshu
    Teachers' perspectives on improving educational inclusion through the performing arts: A qualitative study of primary schools in Shenzhen