Postgraduate research students

  • Abdul Rahim, Syafiqah
    The Perspective of Youth Organization on Policy in Malaysia
  • Abou Ghaida, Susanne
    Life?s Longing for Itself: Growing Up in the Arabic Young Adult Novel
  • Adamu, Abdulkadir
    'A Study of the Challenges Facing Open and Distance Education and Stakeholders' Perceptions on the Quality of ODE Programme in Nigeria'
  • Alghamdi, Shatha
    An Investigation of the Role of Cooperating Teachers in Student Teachers? Professional Learning In Saudi Arabia Reality, Challenges & Prospects
  • Alharbi, Abdulwahab Rabah S.
    The state of using ICT in education in boys? secondary schools in KSA: teachers' perspective
  • Alholiby, Mossab
    Developing a Framework to Enhance the Operation of Quality Assurance Processes in Saudi Arabia's Higher Education : Educational Management and E-Management Perspectives.
  • Ayesha, Abida
    Towards a Blended Learning Approach to TEFL in Pakistani Universities: Learner Attitudes and Implications for Pedagogy
  • Chan, Yu Kwan
    What School Stories Teach Us: Conflicting Discourses in Institutional Education
  • Chen, Ruihua
    Gifted English Language Learners: A comparison between the cultural and practical experiences of Chines students learning English in Scotland and in China
  • Colebrook, Christopher
    Evaluating an intervention to approach conflicts management in adult education and learning: a solution orientated coaching approach to increase university student well-being
  • Collier, Deja
    Paucity of Women in Scottish STEM: Is the Scottish Government Appropriately Addressing the Concern?
  • Dangeni, *
    Chinese Learners? Engagement and Experience in TESOL Programme in UK University
  • de Britos, Angela
    The extent to which policy nurtures the cultural and linguistic heritage of plurilingual children: the voice of Spanish-speaking families in Glasgow
  • Dey, Soumi
    Emerging Bilingual Children and Language Aquisition : A cognitive approach to young readers' meaning-making from postmodern picturebooks.
  • Evans, Catrin
    The Arts of Integration: Scottish policies of refugee integration and the role of the creative and performing arts
  • Gangneux, Justine Monique
    Young People's uses and understanding of mobile techniques
  • Golden, Brighid
    Exploring the potential of development education within initial teacher education in Ireland to develop critical thinking and a commitment to social justice in its students
  • Halliru, Samir
    An Investigation of Lifelong Learning Attributes: Entrepreneurship and Learning-to-Learn Skills among Young Adult Learners in Nigeria
  • HE, RUI
    Foreign Language Learners in Chinese and British Study Abroad Programmes: A Comparative Study
  • Ikhumhen, Walter Omo
    Community -Economic development in Emerging Nations: Investigative Studies of Infrastructures, Dynamics and Strategies in Africa
  • Lu, Hui
    Quality assurance in Sino-foreign cooperative universities in China
  • Ma, Lan
    Library War in the Future: An Exploration of Responses of Young Readers in the Digital Era to the Issues of 'Information and Communication Control by the State' in Science Fiction
  • Macfarlane, Gaele
    Teacher Engagement in Professional Learning: A study of globalised groups of pre-sessional English language teachers' perceptions of agency
  • Nelson, Elizabeth
    Understanding Online and Offline Playground Culture and Lore in the Digital Age: A study of singing games and participatory culture in three Glasgow schools.
  • Omar, Salah O.i.
    Developing a Model Promoting Self-Generative Change for Libyan University Teachers.
  • Omar, Tarig
    From Curriculum Reform to Classroom Practice: Intentions, Perceptions and Actual Implementation in English Secondary Schools in Libya
  • Pacheco, Emily-Marie
    When Crisis Strikes: Lived Experiences of International Students During Times of Political Crisis in Home Countries.
  • Puspitasari, Maya
    Investigating the washback effect of English national examination on Indonesian classroom practices
  • Rao, Shuqi
    The Challenge of Unity among Diversity: A Comparative Study of National Identity Education in the Context of Globalization in China and Scotland
  • Scharf, Jenny
    Music Education in Northern Ireland: From There to Here to Where?
  • Sharif, Iman
    'Urban Syrian Refugee Schools in Turkey: Needs & Approaches'
  • Shih, Hsin-Yi
    The relationship between self-esteem and academic help-seeking: cross-cultural comparative
    The Politicisation of ?Local-Global Childhood?: Lessons from a comparative analysis of India and Ghana in reclaiming pedagogy and the ideals of future childhood
  • Start, Elizabeth
    Exploring performative inquiry in the intercultural communication classroom
  • Taylor, Michael
    You?re learning not failing - Using formative assessment to construct a growth mindset.
  • Uflewska, Agnieszka
    From nowhere to now-here: online and offline belonging identity negotiations of millennial Poles in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Walters, Hannah
    Working-class girls? experiences of further education and vocational education and training in a time of precarity.
  • Wang, Sihui
    Identity Negotiation and Participation in Intercultural Classroom: Perspectives of International Students in British Universities
  • Wang, Wenting
    Factors Influencing Teaching as a Career Choice
  • Witayarat, Nasatorn
    Cultural Identity and International Thai PhD Students' Psychological Adaptation and Academic Acculturation in the UK
  • Xu, Yuwei
    A Cross-cultural Analysis of Gender and Teacher-Child Interactions in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Settings in Scotland, Hong Kong, and Mainland China
  • Zhang, Jie
    Chinese Postgraduate Taught Students' Transitional Experiences in the UK: The Role of Social Networks.
  • Zhang, Kai
    Legislation and Policies for Gifted Education: A Comparative Research between China and Scotland
  • Zhang, Tingzhao
    Using children's literature to teach gifted and talented pupils in the primary school: a comparative study between China and Scotland
  • Zheng, Yan
    The Story, the Touchscreen and the Child: How Narrative Apps Tell Stories