Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy

Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy


The focus of this Research and Teaching Group (RTG) is learning – our aspiration is to bring together curriculum, assessment and pedagogy to improve the quality of research led policy and practice in education 3-18 nationally and internationally.

Key themes

  • Qualitative and quantitative research in assessment, learning, curriculum, change processes and mentoring
  • Policy advice and collaboration locally, nationally and internationally on assessment, pedagogy, learning, change processes and professional learning
  • Development and deployment of collaborative models for improvement (researchers, policy makers and practitioners)
  • Development and evaluation of local, national and international curricula and assessment to promote better alignment of research, policy and practice
  • Professional Learning in Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy at all levels in areas across the curriculum
  • Research and professional learning in Health and Well-being, eg, Obesity, Mental Health, Stress and Anxieties
  • Language Development and Assessment
  • Digital Education, focused on growing the evidence base for effective pedagogy and assessment in Computing Science and Technology Enhanced Learning.
  • Qualitative and quantitative psychological research in cognitive, emotional, and social determinants of children’s social development, moral awareness, and motivation 
  • Improvement of educational experiences through better alignment of Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy in schools, local authorities, nations and in teacher education
  • Support for research informed teaching and learning in early years’ centres, primary and secondary schools and in teacher education
  • Philosophical and theoretical research into subjects and curricula.

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