Louise Hayward

Professor Louise Hayward

Professor (Culture, Literacies, Inclusion & Pedagogy)

Mr Mark Breslin

Lecturer in Physical Education (Pedagogy, Praxis & Faith)

Research interests: Obesity Self esteem (physical, emotional, social & academic) Body image Fitness Diet Inactivity Physical Education Physical activity Sport Exercise

Hazel Crichton

Dr Hazel Crichton

Lecturer (Pedagogy, Praxis & Faith)

Research interests: Language teaching and learning Interaction in the classroom Target language use in the classroom School-based assessment practices Intercultural communication

Peter Donaldson

Mr Peter Donaldson

Lecturer in Computing Science and Education (Pedagogy, Praxis & Faith)

Research interests: Computing Science, Digital Literacy, Statistical Literacy and STEM Education; Domain Specific Formative Assessment; Teacher CLPL and the Development of Expertise; Learning Progression Focused Curriculum Development

Dr Christine Hadfield

Lecturer in Modern Languages Teacher Education (Pedagogy, Praxis & Faith)

Professor Kay Livingston

Professor of Educational Research Policy and Practice (Culture, Literacies, Inclusion & Pedagogy)

Dr Srabani Maitra

Lecturer in Sociology of Education (Culture, Literacies, Inclusion & Pedagogy)

Research interests: adult learning, workplace learning, skill, transnational migration, globalisation, educational policy, refugee and immigrant children, vocational education, lifelong learning, race and racism, class

Kara Makara Fuller

Dr Kara Makara Fuller

Lecturer (People, Place & Social Change)

Research interests: motivation, peer relations, academic help seeking, academic goals, social goals, social aspects of schooling, social development, social networks, educational technology, self-regulated learning, quantitative methods

Mr William McGuire

Senior Lecturer in English Language (Pedagogy, Praxis & Faith)

Research interests: M learning Literacy apps E learning M-Learning Blended learning VLEs Marking moderation MOOCs SPOCs Teaching excellence Hybridised assessments Academic-professional transitions Blended assessments 'Modelled' feedback

Kenneth McLaughlin

Mr Kenneth McLaughlin

Lecturer (Pedagogy, Praxis & Faith)

David Morrison-Love

Dr David Morrison-Love

Lecturer in Technological Education with a focus on Employability (Pedagogy, Praxis & Faith)

Research interests: Aspects of curriculum, assessment, pedagogy, learning contexts and subject philosophy and conceptualisation within Technology Education, STEM and related subject areas.

Francisco Valdera-Gil

Mr Francisco Valdera-Gil

Lecturer in Modern Languages Education (Pedagogy, Praxis & Faith)

Georgina Wardle

Dr Georgina Wardle

Senior Lecturer (People, Place & Social Change)

Research interests: Developmental Psychology; Children's prosocial and antisocial behaviour; Theory of Mind

Associate staff

Christopher Chapman

Professor Christopher Chapman

Chair in Educational Policy and Practice (Educational Leadership & Policy)

Research interests: Educational policy and practice,specifically in relation to the improvement of educational outcomes in disadvantaged settings. The recurring themes in Chris’s research are accountability, collaboration, equity, leadership, professional learning and organisational/system reform.

Barbara Read

Dr Barbara Read

Reader (Educational Leadership & Policy)

Research interests: gender and educational cultures (in both compulsory and post-compulsory settings), and children's and adults' peer group/friendship cultures at school and university.

Oscar Odena

Dr Oscar Odena

Reader (Educational Leadership & Policy)

Research interests: Qualitative research approaches and data analysis; music education; social inclusion; creativity; professional learning; primary, post-primary, higher education; teachers' thinking; students' voice; doctoral education; social music programmes; international development;