People, Place and Social Change

The distinctive focus of teaching, research and scholarship of the group is within the theme of global educational change, that is how education is experienced and shaped both by individual learners and also by the diverse political, socio-economic, and geographic contexts in which they learn. The key themes of this RTG are:

  • Individual differences, personal and collective obstacles and facilitators of lifelong education 
  • The role of cognition, emotion, agency and wellbeing in education
  • Education in diverse social, economic and cultural settings
  • Turning points and transitions in education and to employment
  • Teaching, learning and training in post-compulsory settings
  • Adult and lifelong education
  • How learning through the life course is experienced and shaped by individuals, by diverse political and socio-economic contexts, and by places
  • Local and global influences and challenges to education
  • Connections between people and communities

The People, Place and Social Change RTG is the home in the School of Education of the following major centres and networks


RTG Leader: Dr Sinead Gormally

Deputy RTG Leader: Professor Bonnie Slade