Pedagogy, Praxis & Faith

The Pedagogy, Praxis and Faith Research and Teaching Group is composed of a team with strong disciplinary expertise in different strands of Education, Teacher Education and other academic disciplines. These include: Art, Health and Wellbeing, History, Languages, Religious Education, Social Studies and STEM. Some of the key aims of Pedagogy, Praxis and Faith are to strengthen the research foundations of these disciplines, to be creative and innovative in approaches to pedagogy and to explore interdisciplinary learning and teaching.

Many of the academic staff in Pedagogy, Praxis and Faith have close links with the Scottish Government, Government Agencies, local authorities, charities and other agencies in Scotland and are engaged in a variety of consultation and research work.  There is also a well-established international dimension to the research and teaching of the members of Pedagogy, Praxis and Faith. Many of our staff have extensive experience of working in education systems in other parts of the world. They also have active international research and teaching collaborations with partners in Europe, Russia, North America, India and Australia. Some colleagues also participate in, lead, and evaluate large scale European-level projects and programmes.

The flagship Teacher Education programmes within the School are led by staff within Pedagogy, Praxis and Faith: The Master of Education (MEduc) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PDGE). Pedagogy, Praxis and Faith also hosts the Professional Practice with PGDE MEd. The School of Education suite of Religious Education courses is operated by the St. Andrew’s Foundation in conjunction with Pedagogy, Praxis and Faith.

The Pedagogy, Praxis and Faith RTG is the home in the School of Education of the following major networks:


RTG Leader: Professor Stephen McKinney

Deputy RTG Leaders: Dr Clare Smith / Dr Ismail Zembat