Culture, Literacies, Inclusion and Pedagogy

The focus of this Research and Teaching Group (RTG) is the intersection between culture, literacies, inclusion and pedagogy. Its key themes are:

  • Intercultural education and the place of cultural identity, linguistic diversity and arts-based practices
  • Literacies, including visual and digital literacies, as well as language-informed pedagogies
  • Inclusion in education and wider society, especially for marginalised, vulnerable and disadvantaged groups
  • The development of effective and collaborative models of pedagogy, including high-quality assessment to support learning
  • Children’s literature, including critical literary analysis and empirical study of its social use
  • English language education for speakers of other languages
  • Science and mathematics education and public understanding of science

The Culture, Literacies, Inclusion and Pedagogy RTG is the home in the School of Education of the following major hubs and networks


RTG Leader: Professor Evelyn Arizpe

Deputy RTG Leader: Professor Kay Livingston