Yaxi Wang

Research Email: 2319763w@student.gla.ac.uk

Art Teaching Email: sissi_wangyaxi@yahoo.com

Research Office: Room 681, St Andrew's Building, Glasgow, G3 6NH

Research title: An exploration of interpictoriality: the relationship between original artworks, children’s picturebooks, and meaning-making

Research Summary

An Exploration of Interpictoriality: The Relationship between Original Artworks, Children’s Picturebooks, and Meaning-Making.


My research interests include: interpictoriality in picturebooks; children’s aesthetical appreciation to illustrations; illustration and picturebook creation; art education.

A picturebook is an artistic communication platform that provides children with an aesthetic reading experience (Kiefer, 1995). It involves a combination of both visual and verbal signs and provides a satisfying aesthetic experience when all book components are carefully designed in sequence (Sipe, 2001; Sipe and McGuire, 2006). Scholars (e.g., Valleau, 2006; Nikolajeva, 2008; Beckett, 2012; Serafini, 2015; Hoster Cabo, Lobato Suero, and Ruiz Campos, 2018) have observed that picturebook illustrators often quote or re-create the fine arts in their works to enrich the aesthetics of the illustrations and attach multi-level meanings to the visual contexts. Many believe that reading illustrations with interpictoriality helps children develop visual literacy and invites them to explore epistemic and aesthetic communities, such as the artworld and culture (Beckett, 2010; Serafini, 2015; Hoster Cabo, Lobato Suero, Ruiz Campos, 2018).

Underpinned by the interpretivist paradigm, this research explores the relationship between children’s picturebooks, the original works of art that the books incorporate, and the meanings interpictorial images could have for children at different levels of aesthetic and literacy development. It explores the concept of interpictoriality in picturebooks, its categories, and its features. Additionally, it provides several complementary threads relating to the existing theories of the meanings that interpictoriality might have for the children who encounter these picturebooks.


  • Fifteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society | Against the Grain: Arts and the Crisis of Democracy (Virtual Conference) | Galway, Ireland | 24th –26th June 2020
  • European Network of Picturebook Research | The 7th International conference | Verbal and visual strategies in nonfiction picturebooks | Bergen, Norway | 26th – 28th September 2019
  • The 25th International Research Society for Children's Literature (IRSCL) Conference 2021: Aesthetic and Pedagogic Entanglements | Santiago, Chile | 19th – 29th October 2021 |(Application accepted)
  • The 3rd International Children’s Literature Symposium | Qingdao, China |15th -17th October 2021 | (Application accepted)
  • The 4th International Doctoral Symposium | Hangzhou, China | November 2021 | (Application accepted) 


  • Children’s illustration, sketch, and aesthetic teacher for children | Dachu Art Studio in Glasgow, Scotland | January 2020-Now.
  • Intern teacher of illustration and picturebook | Hebei University of Engineering | 2016-2017

Additional Information

I received my Bachelor degree in illustration and comics from China Academic of Art in China and my Master degree with distinction in illustration and animation from Coventry University in the UK. I am now a second-year PhD student in the School of Education, University of Glasgow.  

As an artist and teacher for illustration, I have extensive experience in creating picturebooks. My illustrations have been published also presented in many international illustration exhibitions such as The Duet Illustration Exhibition: Journey in the United Kingdom in 2015 and the 9th, 10th, and 11th China International Illustration Animation Festival in 2013, 2015, and 2017. China Academy of Art Press has published my illustrations, Coventry Maps, Arabian Nights, and Plums Fall in its illustration and animation festivals. 

Since beginning my PhD, my activities have focused on the academic research of picturebook illustrations. My main area of study is interpictoriality in picturebooks and children’s aesthetical appreciation of illustrations.