Xiaowen Ge




Research title: The influence of teachers’ experiences and policy background on their perceptions of musical creativity: a qualitative study in China with primary school teachers and instrument tutors

Research Summary

This study interrogates how music teachers think about creativity in contemporary education settings in China. The overall aim of this study is to explore Chinese music-teachers’ thinking about creativity, in order to define those teachers’ perceptions of musical creativity under Chinese contemporary values and teaching traditions, during both school and private music education. The research questions are as follows:

What are the music teachers’ experiences and perceptions of personality and creativity development during school-based teaching and private tuition?

To what extent is the music teachers’ thinking influenced by current policy and/or guidelines, and students and parents’ aspirations during classroom and private teaching?

To what extent is music teachers’ thinking influenced by Chinese culture?



葛小文. 浅析常用英语学习方法及其使用[J](An analysis of Common English Learning Methods and Their Uses) 校园英语 (中旬)(Campus English), 2015 (2015 年 11): 31-32.