Shushu Li


Office: R681, St Andrew's Building, Glasgow G3 6NH

Research title: 'From Confucianism to Romanticism: The Representation of Childhood Innocence in the Late-Twentieth Century Chinese and British Literature'

Research Summary


I am a PhD candidate at the University of Glasgow, Children’s Literature. I obtained the MA in Comparative Literature from the University College London (UCL) in 2016 and the BA in Contemporary English Language and Literature of the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015. I am now a part-time lecturer of English Literature in the Winland Academy (London) and serve as a part-time consultant for the China Youth Press (London). I am also a freelance interpreter of the Global Langage Services Ltd, based in Glasgow. Previously, I worked as a part-time academic translator for China National Knowledge Infrastructure for 4 years. I also worked as a journalist in London and Hong Kong before and served as the Public Relation Executive in a Digital Company in London. I interviewed and reported activities such as the 11th Session of the Asian Business Forum and London Fashion Show. I also contributed to the promotion of projects online or off-line such as the Luxury Brand William&Son and Slough Economic Area in London.

Research Title

A Cross-Civilisational Study on the Childhood Innocence from China and the West: The Representation of Childhood Innocence since the Late-Twentieth Century (1990-2010) Chinese and British Literature

Research Interests

My research interests include History of Childhood, Cultural Exchange between China and the West in History, Chinese diaspora, Children Literature, Young Adult Literature, Children and Young Adult in Literature, Childhood Study, Humanity, Utopian/Dystopian Literature, Asian Diaspora Literature, Media and Communication, Contemporary Chinese Literature, Psychoanalysis, Trauma Writing and Travel Writing. At present, my PhD Thesis focuses on the narration of evil children in the late twentieth Century British Literature and Chinese Literature, which has entailed searching reflection on cross-civilizational translation; divergent conceptions of childhood, innocence and guilt; the encounter and estrangement of adult-child relations in specific historical conjunctures. I also like creative writing both in English and Chinese, and my travel writings published online received more than 120 thousand views each month, and some of them were used by Tourist Administration of Bath, UK and Travel Department of Sina.


(I am the only writer of all publications)


2019.12 ‘The Visualization of 20th Century Chinese Youth Literature’, Asia Dialogue, The University of Nottingham Asia Research Institute.

2018.2 ‘Utopia or Dystopia? The Representation of Humanity in Lois Lowry’s The Giver (1993), J.M. Coetzee’s The Childhood of Jesus (2013) and Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go (2005)’, British Fantasy Society Journal, Issue 18, P16-24. 

Book Chapter

2019.6‘Public Sphere, Counterpublics, and the Managed Public: The Use of Twitter as Alternative Press on the Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370’, Activism, Campaigning and Political Discourse on Twitter, Chapter 4, New York: Nova Science Publishers.($230.00)

Translated Articles Published

CSSCI 2019 YI Zhang, ‘A Study on the Content and the Historical Value of the Tibetan Historical Records Mkas-pavi-dgav-ston, The History of Karma-kam-tshang’, Ethno-National Studies, Issue 01, 2016. (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

CSSCI 2017 Xuan Chen, ‘The Justifiable Defense and the Proportion Principle--an Attempt to the Constitutional Interpretation of the Clauses of Criminal Law’, Global Law Review, Issue 06, 2016. (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

CSSCI 2016 Jie Min, ‘Spatial Pattern Evolution of Rural Settlement in the Three Gorges Reservoir area: A Case in Wanzhou County’, Economic Geography, Issue 02, 2016. (China Association for Science and Technology)

CSSCI 2015 Liang Tao, ‘‘Project Mausam’, the Maritime Strategy of India, and ‘the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road’’, South Asian Studies, Issue 03. (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Articles Forthcoming

SSCI ‘Adolescents’ Exile from Home in Liu Xinwu’s The Class Counselor (1977) and Lu Xinhua’s The Scar (1981)’, Children Literature in Education, Springer.

A&HCI ‘The History of Childhood of Western Culture and Chinese Culture’, International Research of Children Literature Journal.

Monography Forthcoming

The Representation of Childhood Innocence in Contemporary British Literature and Chinese Literature, New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Article Under Reviewing

A&HCI The Representation of Chinese Root Culture in Contemporary Chinese American Diaspora Literature, Comparative Literature and Culture.

Travel Writings Published Online



2019.5 Mobility Funding for Conference by the University of Glasgow, £800

2019.3 Mobility Funding for Conference by the University of Glasgow, £800

2018.5 Full PhD Funding from the China Scholarship Council-University of Glasgow Jointly Funded, £1250 per month for three years, Tuition fee free £17500 per year.

2016. 9 University College London ( UCL) Tutor Volunteer Award 2015-2016

2015. 9 Award for Tutorial Service 2012-2015



2021 August 28th – 30th. Presenter, Interdisciplinary Studies of Children’s Literature, The Third International Children’s Literature Symposium, Ocean University of China.

2020 November. Presenter, International Conference on Young Adult Literature.

2019. December 21st -22nd  Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai Campus) International Young Scholar Forum, Zhuhai, China. ‘珠海拟建儿童认知开发、儿童读物科研中心可能性’ (‘A Plan for Building the Chinese Children’s Picture Book Center for the Development of Children’s Cognition and Literacy in Zhuhai’).

2019 August 14th-August 18th. Presenter, International Research Society for Children’s Literature Congress 2019 (IRSCL), Stockholm, Sweden. ‘Trauma and Silence: The Runaway Children in Chinese Scar Literature’.

2019 August 8th –August 10th. Presenter, Transatlantic Conversations in Research on Inclusive Youth Literature Conference (REIYL), the Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow, the United Kingdom. ‘The Visualization of Chinese Youth Literature’.

2019 July 15th-July 16th . Presenter, Progressive Connexions Event, Evil Children: Children and Evil Conference, Verona, Italy. ‘From the Sacred, Secular, to the Demonic: How Much Innocence Left for Children in the 20th Century?’

2017 December. Presenter, Historical Perspective Conference, University of Glasgow, the United Kingdom. ‘Remote Nationalism and the Chinatown: Root Culture is Chinese Diaspora Parents’ Spirit in ‘Shaman’ and The Joy Luck Club’.

2016 June 4th. Presenter, London Intercollegiate Network for Comparative Studies Conference (LINKS), University of London, the United Kingdom. ‘In-betweenness: The Chinese Identity is a Power for Children to Survive in ‘Wight Tigers’ and the American Born Chinese’.


2019-   English Literature, Winland Academy, London

2012-2015 Academic English Writing, United International College.

Additional Information


2020.8 Chong Qing Daily, New Parents

2019 7.2-7.5  Chong Qing Government High-Level Talent Bring-In Project, Chong Qing, China

2019. 12.21-22  Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai Campus) International Young Scholar Forum

Consulting and Advice

Consultant for the China Youth Press (London) about a Project related to Chinese Children Literature and English Children Literature

News Observer for the Sina Media.

Academic and Professional Body Membership

I am a member of the Young Adults Study Association (2020)

I am a member of the International Research Society for Children’s Literature (IRSCL) (2019)

I am a member of the British Fantasy Society (BFS) (2018)

I am a member of the London Intercollegiate Network for Comparative Studies (LINKS) (2015)


2015.6 Test for English Major Band 8 (TEM 8), Ministry of Education of China

2014.9 Shanghai English Interpretation and Translation Accreditation Examination  (Advanced Level, Censecutive Interpreting between Chinese and English)

*One of the two most authoritative Translation and Interpretation Qualification in China, and the other is CATTI.

2014.8 IELTS: 7.5

2013.9 Shanghai English Interpretation and Translation Accreditation Examination (Intermediate Level)

*One of the two most authoritative Translation and Interpretation Qualification in China, and the other is CATTI.