Salima Al Sinani


Research interest:

Teacher Education, Teacher Training and Development, Professional learning Communities, Communities of Practice. 

Research title: An investigation of the 'Professional Communities of Practice' amongst those responsible for professional development of English teachers in Oman.

Research Summary

The present study is being undertaken in order to explore the status and provenance of ‘Professional learning Community’-approaches among and between teacher trainers, supervisors and senior teachers in Oman.  The results of this study will clarify the existing reality of the practices and the relationships between these groups (supervisors, trainers and senior teachers), examining the extent to which these professionals possess the characteristics of the PLC (if any). It explores the learning components these professionals use throughout their potential work and their innovative and effective practices they believe and adopt in managing human and financial resources. The study also investigates the implications from creating better collaborations among the three groups through a successful PLC-approaches, including its potentialities and any drawbacks from the participants’ viewpoint. Finally, it examines the role of the relevant stakeholders in supporting current and future PLC-approaches. In other words, I plan to examine the role of the relevant stakeholders (from training and supervision departments) in supporting how these professionals can potentially work better, in order to more strongly support teachers and those working in the field of education.

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1- Worked as an English Language Teacher in different school-levels in Oman from 1997-2006.

  •  Teaching, Conducting Peer observations, and conducting Pre and Post-lesson Discussions.

2- Worked as a Senior English Teacher from 2006-2009.

  • Conducting informal and formal classroom observations.
  • Conducting pre/post-lesson discussions.
  • Writing feedback for teachers/ reports about the classroom observation visits.

Additional Information