Luyi Wang

Research title: Social inclusion through music education in China? A case study of a high school in Fujian Province.

Research Summary

While music education has been shown to be valuable in promoting social inclusion in schools in the Global North, few have examined its effectiveness in facilitating social inclusion in China. Specifically, the effectiveness of now popular methods of music teaching - Orff approach and Kodaly method - in promoting social inclusion have remained largely unexamined in the context of Chinese secondary school education. My research will explore how music education promotes school inclusion when Chinese urban and rural student are receiving music education in the same school with gaps in music learning backgrounds.



Wang, L. (2019) Social inclusion through music education in China? Presenter, in CERA-UK Conference 2019, London, UK, 13-14 June 2019.

Wang, L. (2019) Social inclusion through music education? Presenter, in PGR Seminar Series, School of Education, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK, 7 May 2019.


09/2016-08/2017 Private instrumental teacher for University of York students, UK

10/2015-11/2015 Practice music teacher in Putian First High School, Fujian, China

04/2014-06/2014 Instructor in Medical College & PH School Choruses, Xiamen University, Fujian, China

03/2014-06/2014 Teacher assistant in Aiyueyuan (Love Music Garden), Xiamen University, Fujian, China

08/2013-09/2013 Volunteer teacher in Qianzhuang primary school located in Longde County, Ningxia, China