Laurie Ann Walden




A marriage of equals?  A case study exploration of one Scottish school’s approach to achieving a rights-based inclusive educational setting though culturally adaptive provision. 

Research title: Equity in Gifted Education

Research Summary

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP) focuses on incorporating a learner’s culture into their education, rather than education into their culture (Pewewardy, 1993). It stresses the rights of all learnerss to have their culture valued (Hoque, 2017). To do this effectively, learners must see themselves in the teaching and learning and identify with the context of the curriculum. Very little research has been done to see how this is accomplished with learners of other faiths in denominational schools in the UK in general, and Scotland in particular. Scotland is committed to creating an inclusive educational environment by offering appropriate education opportunities as a right for all pupils, which includes refugees and asylum seekers, many of whom have come to Scotland recently. 

In light of the global movement of refugee and asylum seekers, many of whom are from diverse cultures, there is a need to ensure that their educational rights are valued as well as their cultural identities. For CRP to be truly relevant to all learners this research is needed to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their background, enjoy the right to an appropriate education at their level. This case study explores how Scotland’s rights-based inclusive pedagogy addresses the specific needs of culturally diverse pupils within one school. The results of this study will be of interest to the wider education community and to all who are supporting young people from other cultures.


2018 International Mobility Grant


World Council on Gifted and Talented Pupils (WCGTC) 2019. Ethical Challenges Using Participatory Methods with Marginalised Youth.

European Council For High Ability (ECHA) 2018. Increasing the Representation of Black Gifted Students in America.


  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (School of Education)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant(AWSP) (Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Service)
  • Postgraduate Research Intern (School of Psychology)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (Scottish Network for Able Pupils)