Angeliki Peponi

Research title: Internationally Educated Teachers in Scotland’s Schools: Included for Inclusion?

Research Summary

I am a primary school teacher and currently a PhD student at the University of Glasgow in the School of Education with a College of Social Sciences Scholarship.

In the broadest sense, my research interests are around social justice, inclusion and inclusive education, and ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity. My doctoral research emerges from the international educational reality of the pupil population in schools increasing in ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity, while the profile of the teaching profession does not parallel that diversity. Via my study, I seek to understand the ways in which Scotland’s commitment to inclusion could be enhanced by a more representative teaching force.

To do that I am interviewing teachers who:

  • have been born and raised outside Scotland
  • have acquired their initial teaching qualifications outside Scotland  
  • currently teach in Scotland.

I argue that to answer questions such as, ‘What are these teachers’ experiences in Scottish schools?’, ‘How can they be supported?’, and ‘To what extent do their previous experiences feed into their teaching practices?’, it is necessary to hear their stories.  

Additional Information

If any teacher born and qualified outside Scotland would like to contact me, I would be delighted to hear from them.