We have a large cohort of PhD and EdD candidates, both full-time and part-time associated and embedded within our research groupings with a thriving PGR community of some 140 PhD candidates, over 100 EdD participants and some 20 MPhil students. Our PGR community is drawn from more than 30 countries and so constitutes a truly international diverse community of scholars. All PhD candidates have a ‘home’ in one of our research and teaching groups or research centres.  Each of these groups/Centres has its own Postgraduate Research Convener who ensures the wellbeing of students, convenes progress reviews, organises research seminars and, generally, is a key contact for all PGR candidates.

We provide these students with a range of support, including:

Training through an Advanced Research Methods (ARM) programme

An extensive range of seminars and academic-related events

Funding to attend conferences

A range of informal and social events

A number of scholarship opportunities for students exist funded by the University, College, the ESRC Doctoral Training School and other sources.

Many of our doctoral graduates in recent years are amongst a new cadre of early career researchers in the UK and beyond, occupying academic posts at universities including our own, Botswana, Dar es Salem, Durham, Lahore, McMaster, Monash, Portsmouth, Sheffield Hallam, Stirling, Strathclyde and Western Washington.

Post-graduate students currently studying at the School of Education