Support for developing collaborative action research / self-evaluation at St Kentigern’s High School in the context of the Attainment Challenge

This project involves a team from the Robert Owen Centre working collaboratively staff at the High School to support their development of an inclusive self-evaluation approach that draws on effective practice and research literature. The activity facilitates this process and includes support with appropriate methodologies and analysis. The work takes place in the context of the attainment challenge and use of the Pupil Equity Fund and will help the school and its community and partners develop approaches that potentially can be adopted more widely across the Local Authority.

PI and Co-Is

PI - Kevin Lowden, University of Glasgow, School of Education

Co-I - Stuart Hall, University of Glasgow, School of Education

Deja Collier

Start and End Date

01 April 2017 - 01 October 2017

Funder and Funding Amount

St Kentigern’s High School / PEF: £4000