Progression and Assessment in the Curriculum for Wales

Progression and Assessment in the Curriculum for Wales

The Welsh Government has just commissioned the University of Glasgow’s School of Education in partnership with the University of Wales Trinity St David to lead a project on “Progression and Assessment in the Curriculum for Wales”.  The project will run for three years and will work with pioneer schools from across Wales to explore how progression in different “Areas of Learning Experience” might be designed to relate more closely to young people’s actual progression in learning.  The project will also investigate how assessment at key points of progression might be future focused and will seek to identify “threshold concepts” in different curricular areas at different points of progression.  Findings from the project will influence thinking in the Welsh national programme emerging from the Donaldson Report, Successful Futures, which will impact on every school in Wales.

Led by Professor Louise Hayward working with Professor Dylan Jones from Trinity St David and with policy makers and practitioners in Wales, the project will draw on members of a new International Education Assessment Network (IEAN) of Small Nations and States. IEAN is the brain child of Professor Louise Hayward and has been established through funding provided by Isabel Nisbet, daughter of the University’s first Professor of Education. Dr Nisbet is an expert on education assessment herself, who worked for a long time in Singapore and continues to engage in consultancy in Wales. IEAN includes researchers from small states and nations in four continents with expertise in education assessment.

The Welsh Government's announcement follows the recent review of the Welsh Curriculum by Professor Graham Donaldson, which has similar aspirations to Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence and includes an ambition to establish partnerships between schools and universities to author the new curricula. The new approach will also be the vehicle for the preparation of new teachers and the professional development of existing teachers.

The Welsh Government has also recently announced a new National Academy for Education Leadership, strongly influenced by the Scottish College of Educational Leadership which is Chaired by Professor Tony Finn. Continuing the School of Education’s Welsh involvement, Professor Trevor Gale is also a founding member of the new Wales Education Commission – a group of international education experts providing advice to the Welsh Government on its new education agenda (photo attached from Welsh newspaper, at the first meeting of the Commission)


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