Evaluation of RAiSE; Raising Aspirations in Science Education

Evaluation of RAiSE; Raising Aspirations in Science Education

The Wood Foundation, Scottish Government and Local Authority Education Services are co-funding a pilot programme, RAISE, across ten Local Authority areas to “help support improvements in primary science education across Scotland to ensure that every child has a positive engagement with, and experience of, science throughout their primary school years”.

A team from the Robert Owen Centre has been commissioned to evaluate the Programme. The research project will assess:

1. Evidence of Impact/Step Change, which will explore the extent to which the

Programme is making an impact on participating pupils and primary practitioners and their schools’ capacity to promote STEM

2.The Programme’s position in the landscape – this will explore the extent to which the Programme enhances opportunities to align with other national education priorities such as NIF, SAC and DYW. It will also address whether the Programme is contributing to the confidence and scientific capital of practitioners and schools to better recognise the potential for creative science education to assist meeting numerous educational objectives e.g. literacy, numeracy, gender balance

3. Effective Approach & Delivery – this will provide formative feedback to inform the RAISE Programme to promote sustainability and expansion in various material contexts across the Local Authorities.

To meet the aims and objectives detailed above and the various approaches being developed across the participating LAs a mixed method, case study approach has been adopted. This will draw on a range of quantitative and qualitative methods and use primary and secondary data combined in ways appropriate in each of the local authorities to best address the evaluation research questions.

A total of 10 context-sensitive evaluations that take into account the different types of activity and support in each of the participating local authorities will be produced. Where feasible, baseline and follow-up data and information will be gathered, along with comparison data from non-programme schools, to allow assessment of impact. In addition to the in-depth findings about how RAISE makes difference in each LA, the context-sensitive evaluations will allow the identification of broader, cross-cutting themes and findings. This will allow an assessment of how the various approaches contribute to promoting effective primary science education and address the evaluation research questions, particularly, how does involvement in RAISE impact on ability, skills, pedagogy of practitioners?

PI and Co-Pis - International Collaborators

Kevin Lowden (PI)

Stuart Hall (Co-investigator)

Deja Collier

Start and End Date

01/02/2017 - 30/11/2018

Funder and Funding Amount

The Wood Foundation: £50,562