Our research projects


Academic acculturation through international education: The British Higher Education (HE) experience

Accelerating the impact of the Online Arabic from Palestine (OAfP) language course

Assess@Learning Project

Assessing older adults’ nutritional and wellbeing outcomes associated with ageing in place with supported food accessibility: A mixed-methods, biopsychosocial analysis

The Arts of Inclusion (TAI): Examining the Role of Performing Arts for Peace Education in Conflict

Better Start Blackpool – Activate and Community Development Research

British Council Programmes in Scotland: an Impact Study

Building capacity of Vietnam schools to implement fundamental and comprehensive reforms

Building capacity of Vietnam schools to implement fundamental and comprehensive reforms Phase 2

Building capacity of Vietnam schools to implement fundamental and comprehensive reforms: Designing and piloting interventions through professional development

Building capacity to use arts-based methods for non-communicable disease prevention in Malawi and Tanzania

Building Connections: Community-Based Phytostabilisation/Remediation in southern Africa

Building Futures: Aspirations of Syrian Youth Refugees and Host Population Responses in Lebanon, Greece & the UK

Building Research Collaboration with India and Kyrgyzstan to explore the role of universities in developing skills for smart cities

Building Sustainable Futures in Africa: Using Capacity-Strengthening Activities to Design and Pilot Methods for Cross-Disciplinary Research

The CSPE Mitigating the implementation gap in environmental initiatives through community engagement

CAMAU: Progression and Assessment in the Curriculum for Wales

Can dual apprenticeships create better and more equitable social and economic outcomes for young people? A comparative study of India and Mexico

Capacitating student aspirations in classrooms and communities of a high-poverty region

Capacity building through professional development and collaborative research to enable educational reform implementation in Vietnam

Case Study of Developmental Leadership in the Philippines: Educational Experiences, Institutions and Networks

Challenging the Translingual Turn: Student-Teachers' Perceptions, Practices and Networks

Character Scotland Evaluation: Evaluation of the effects of a series of Character Scotland pedagogic interventions and resources

Children’s Literature and International Safe Spaces: Toolkit development for third sector partners working with displaced children

Children’s Literature in Critical Contexts of Displacement: Exploring how story and arts-based practices create ‘safe spaces’ for displaced children and young people

Counter-mapping for peri-urban social justice: accounting for spatial narratives of community resistance and dispossession in urban transition

Culture for Sustainable and Inclusive Peace (CUSP) - Development Award

Development of an Online Programme for Teachers of Gifted Students in Regular Classrooms


Don't Waste Our Future

Educational Renovation/Reform in Vietnam and the Asian Region - Sharing lessons and experiences

The effect of English-only instruction on skill formation and labour market readiness of young Malawians

Empirical and normative aspects of inequality in access to education at different stages of development

Evaluation of RAiSE; Raising Aspirations in Science Education

Evaluation of the FAST (Families and Schools Together) Programme in Scotland

Evaluation of the SSERC Primary Cluster Programme in Science and Technology

Evaluation of the SSERC Primary Cluster Programme in Science and Technology (current)

Examining Gender in Higher Education

Exchanging knowledge with policymakers and marginalised youth

Film Education in Libraries

Forecasting Coastal Erosion

GCRF Centre for Sustainable, Healthy, Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods

Geothermally Sourced Combined Power and Freshwater Generation for Eastern Africa

Global Learning Project

Groundwork and preparation for a research study to adapt, develop and test the implementation effectiveness of ‘A Stop Smoking In Schools Trial’ (ASSIST) in low and middle income settings

A Healthier Scotland

Higher Education and Innovation

Idioms of Distress, Resilience and Well-Being: Enhancing understanding about mental health in multilingual contexts

Impact Study: British Council School Programmes Scotland

The impact of language: a cross-border collaboration for the design, development and promotion of an online Palestinian Arabic course

Indigenous engagement, research partnerships, and knowledge mobilisation

Inter4Ref – Interpreters for Refugees

LETAE - Reinforce the Labour Efficiency of Tertiary Adult Education at Universities

Mental health and wellbeing of international doctoral students in the UK: An investigation of supervisors’ understanding and existing support provision

The Moon in narrative, metaphor and reason: A multilinguistic perspective

Open the Doors

Partnership to ensure the sustainability of a public health palliative care project in Bangladesh through community theatre

The Political Economy of Education Systems in Conflict-Affected Contexts

Poor among the pastoralists: The importance of bad luck for inequality

ReCULM – Working supportively with refugees

Reducing School exclusions- Inclusion Plus Initiative

Renfrewshire Council Early Years Initiative

Representing literacies in times of precarity using Glasgow ‘Big Data’: Turning research data into interactive and engaging social objects for the public (with MakLab)

Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language, the Body, Law and the State

The Role of Music Practices for Peace Education in Conflict (MuPPEC)

School Improvement Partnership Programme: Using collaboration and enquiry to tackle educational inequality

Scottish Network for Able Pupils (SNAP)

Social justice dispositions informing teachers’ pedagogy in advantaged and disadvantaged secondary schools

Strengthening the Regional Engagement Role of Universities in Africa and Asia

Strengthening Urban Engagement of Universities in Asia and Africa (SUEUAA) 

Strengthening Young Leadership Capacity for Zimbabwe’s Creative and Cultural Tourism Economy

Support for developing collaborative action research / self-evaluation at St Kentigern’s High School in the context of the Attainment Challenge

Talent Development: learning from cross-sectoral research


Towards maximising international PhD students’ experience in the UK

Urban Big Data Centre - Phase 1

Urban Big Data Centre - Phase 2

VisNET: Virtual in situ networking to reinvent the rules of international collaborations and reduce gender differences in academic careers

Vocational institutions, undergraduate degrees: distinction or inequality

Widening Regional Engagement of HE and TVET

Workers by Self-Design: Digital Literacies and Women's Changing Roles in Unstable Environments

YoMo: Youth Mobilities in Public and Digital Spaces