UK Literacy Association (UKLA) Student Research Prize 2022 awarded to Elizabeth Nelson

College of Social Science’s funded student, Elizabeth Nelson (Libby), has been awarded the United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) Student Research Prize 2022 for her doctoral thesis. The prize is awarded annually for an outstanding student dissertation at undergraduate, postgraduate or higher degree level undertaken at a UK institution.

The judges called Libby’s thesis “an excellent example of literacy research that seeks to understand literacies, play, childhood and education”. They stated that they were “hugely impressed by its contribution to conceptualisations of playful experiences with video making for the children involved, for the quality of the presentation, and for the implications drawn in relation to the ‘post-digital’ age and new materialism”. The committee also praised the “engaging, honest and exciting” writing for “tackling challenges in the data, as well as in its presentation, head on”. Ultimately, the judges “agreed unanimously that it makes a meaningful contribution to the field of scholarship in children’s literacy practices”.

The award ceremony will be held at the conference dinner at the UKLA International Conference in Birmingham, 1-3rd July, 2022. The UKLA newsletter announced that the “Postgraduate award to Dr Libby Nelson has been given for its outstanding quality, as well as its relevance to the UKLA audience”. Elizabeth Nelson is now Lecturer in Multimodal Literacies at the School of Education and is delighted and grateful for the award. She wants to acknowledge all the academic and personal support she received from her supervisors, Dr Mia Perry and Prof Bob Davis.

Elizabeth said "I am so honoured to receive this award and truly appreciate all the individuals who supported me through the whole PhD. I also want to thank the UKLA committee for their thoughtful and engaging comments on the thesis. When I wrote the thesis, I was never really sure how many people would read it, and it is truly wonderful to be able to share the amazing young people’s stories with such distinguished scholars in the field of education." 


First published: 30 June 2022

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