Conspiracy Kitchen

This weekend a team of MSc Psychological Studies students led by Dr Yvonne Skipper were volunteering at the Glasgow Science Festival which took place at the Riverside museum.  The activity was called ‘Conspiracy Kitchen’ and the aim was to encourage children and young people to learn more about the ingredients of conspiracies to be better prepared to spot them.  This is based on Dr Skipper’s recent work on ‘Project Real’, funded by Not Equal, which co-created an intervention to help young people recognise fake news, photos and conspiracies.

At the event, we had baskets of ingredients labelled ‘person’, ‘action’ and ‘motive’. Visitors chose one piece of fruit from each basket at random. They then opened their ingredients to see what conspiracy they had created and discussed whether they thought it could go viral online if they shared it. 

Dr Skipper said “We have had an excellent time at the science festival. The students did a great job of sharing the research in a way that was accessible and fun for children and young people and our visitors enjoyed cooking up a conspiracy.” To find out more about how to help young people recognise fake news and conspiracies you can check our website:

image of 4 women at the Glasgow Science Centre smiling standing infront of vintage buses

First published: 14 June 2022

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