West Belfast visits University of Glasgow



The School of Education, Community Development team welcomed a group of 24 West Belfast Community Development and Youth Workers, Politicians, 3rd sector organisations, CEOs and staff to the University last week.  This was part of the NI Executive “Communities in Transition” programme to address “where there has been a history of paramilitary activity and coercive control to transition into communities where paramilitary activity no longer plays a role”. The delivery approach identified building community capacity and building confidence to support the transition period. The team therefore identified the Community Development team in the School of Education as being able to showcase some of the best projects in Glasgow who work daily to build community capacity.

This visit comes after partners from Belfast have over many years hosted the Community Development students on their annual study trip to Belfast. So, we were delighted to showcase the amazing work that our students, graduates, and community partners undertake every day to make our communities safe places for all.  Their travels across the city to visit these organisations enabled lots of interesting exchanges of good practice, sharing ideas with some room left for reflection back at the School of Education. Gerry Mc Coville , CEO of Falls Community Council said of the day “ this has been a great day  for all of us, and demonstrates that when likeminded folk come together anything is possible, it definitely left us with a lot of food for thought”.

First published: 13 June 2022

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