Plurilingual Classrooms in Action MOOC launch

The University of Glasgow and the Scottish Council of Deans of Education Languages Group is delighted to announce the launch of their MOOC entitled ‘Plurilingual Classrooms in Action’.  This is a four-week course corresponding to the key principles identified in the National Framework for Languages (NFfL – National Framework for Languages (  There are sections on the following areas: plurilingualism, diversity, policy and legislation, and transformative practices.

Today’s classrooms are increasingly diverse, with many different cultures and languages represented. This can pose a challenge, but also provide some great learning opportunities for children to learn about different languages and cultures and reflect on what it means to use a language for different purposes and in different contexts. This MOOC aims to support all teachers, regardless of the stage of their careers, but especially pre-service teachers across Initial Teacher Education programmes, in developing an understanding of the role of languages in and for education.

The course consists of short readings, videos, tasks, and opportunities to reflect.  Each of the activities will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and provide an overview of language teaching and learning in the 21st century.  The aim is to enhance the creation of effective and engaging learning approaches which support inclusive practices in the classroom.

'We are surrounded by language and languages in our daily lives.  Our children learn in culturally diverse classrooms. This MOOC is an opportunity to explore how we can ensure that this linguistic and cultural diversity is recognised, valued and promoted in our classrooms' - Dr Christine Hadfield, Lecturer in Modern Languages Teacher Education.

First published: 25 April 2022

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