Activate Awards 2022


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Activate is often described as the wee course, that the Community Development Team at the University of Glasgow deliver out in local communities.

Whilst this is true, it is also true to say that this wee course has had a huge impact, not only at a personal level experienced by the students, but also felt at a community level.

Most Activate students come to the course often after a number of years away from education and can often feel cautious and anxious at what they have got themselves into and what lies ahead. Therefore, for the learning experience to be meaningful and rewarding it needs to be relevant and situated in the real lives of those who participate in it.

I am sure everyone here tonight will agree that’s one of the reasons it works so well. Your stories and experiences add to the rich mix of learning and discovery within each group. 

We are delighted that you trusted us enough to take that 1st step back into education by coming on this journey with us. This journey is not only a personal one but also one of community – the folk you studied with and the many conversations you might have had when you went back home/work and shared some of what you discovered and uncovered as more and more ways to see and be in the world open up.

This ripple effect has been one of the major triumphs of Activate, as we see and hear of how people are using their experience to assist in building their communities capacity to participate and engage in decisions that directly affect their lives.

However, none of this would be possible if not for the commitment and desire from our partner agencies/organisations: Dundee and Edinburgh link up projects, Thriving Places in Drumchapel, Glasgow Disability Alliance, The Tannerhill Centre in Ferguslie Park and The Ruchazie Pantry , we offer you a huge thank-you for making Activate possible in local communities and for the support and encouragement you offer to the students.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge, big thank you to the Activate tutors who I believe are the backbone and the inspiration that makes all the difference in terms of the student experience and participation.  Once again - Congratulations to the students receiving their award and I hope everyone enjoys their evening

Programme lead Helen Martin said 'I am in no doubt that I am in a very privileged place as the coordinator of this amazing and often, for some, life changing wee course /programme. I love the banter the comradery and the support that comes from being part of an Activate course. Each course is unique, however all foster a “can do “ attitude in people and this is evidenced in the incredible things that students of the programme go on to achieve in their communities. So Activate and me, it gets under your skin , it makes us smile when we talk of it and most importantly it believes in the intrinsic power that local people in communities can make a difference'

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First published: 10 February 2022

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