New paper commissioned by UNESCO: “Indigenous knowledges and ways of knowing for a sustainable living”

In 2019, UNESCO launched its new global initiative - UNESCO Futures of Education – to mobilise diverse ways of being and knowing and a wide range of stakeholders to reimagine what education and learning might become and how they can shape the future of the planet. The key output of this initiative is a report Reimagining our futures together: A new social contract for education that was published in November 2021. To develop this report, the UNESCO Futures of Education team commissioned various background papers to help them advance their thinking on the key issues brought up in the report. One of such papers was prepared by University of Glasgow’s Dr Yulia Nesterova in collaboration with her colleague at the University of New South Wales (Australia), Dr Sarah Jane Moore. The paper is entitled Indigenous knowledges and ways of knowing for a sustainable livingIt draws on Dr Moore’s and Dr Nesterova’s backgrounds, work, and lived experiences in and with Indigenous communities to propose how Indigenous knowledges and ways of knowing, being, and doing can help us to transform education and learning so that they support reconciliation, social justice, and sustainable development.  

The paper can be accessed here: 

First published: 13 December 2021

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