Children's Neighbourhood Scotland Annual report published

It is our pleasure to attach the 2020-2021 annual report from Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland (CNS), a team led by Professor Chris Chapman. It has been a challenging year in many ways, not least because of the impact of the global pandemic on all of our lives. Despite these challenges one thing that has struck the CNS team is the remarkable responses by local communities in their programme and elsewhere. These responses have been supported by services mobilizing and adapting to support neighbourhoods to cope with impact of COVID-19.

In this sense the pandemic has provided CNS with an opportunity to develop ways of working that promote roles and relationships across the system to stimulate new practices and working arrangements. Just as services have transformed their work, so did the CNS team. As early as April 2020, CNS was feeding in emerging research findings on the impact of the lockdown on children, young people and families and responses of local service to inform local and national policy.

As we moved through the pandemic CNS also developed online ways of working so that their research and developmental work with children and young people could continue.  CNS is delighted to report that it has now restarted face-to-face fieldwork adhering to all regulations and mitigations.

The CNS team hope that readers find the report interesting and helpful, and thanks everyone for all of their support over the past year. They look forward to connecting with many more people during 2021-22 and beyond.


First published: 23 May 2021

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