Vulnerable Young Citizens Enablement - the work of Professor James Powell

Issued: Wed, 31 Mar 2021 16:21:16 BST

We are pleased to highlight recent work of Honorary Professor James Powell in the Citizens Enablement initiative that he has developed with Peter Palme, in their roles as a Leonardo Ambassadors.

James and Peter argue like many that the world will be a very different place with respect to higher learning after Covid 19. If universities and further education colleges, and particularly their insightful academics, can learn to support citizens, communities and small businesses, in a very different way, they suggest that we could provide a true ‘bridge to an effective future’. The Citizen Enablement project is striving to do just this.

Vulnerable Young Citizens Enablement is a sub-theme of this work, The key in this new project will be to actively listen to the needs and wants of young 16-25 year olds and to help them embark on new challenges, with confidence and enjoyment. The hope is that the approach that has been developed will lead them to fulfil their aspirations and just some of the things James envisages that the project might explore with them include: 21st Century skills including social, soft, emotional and entrepreneurial skills; second chance opportunities in technology and commercial skills; digital inclusion; mindful learning; integration in society; learning to know; learning to do; learning to live together; learning to be; gainful alternative employment; care leavers development post-18; community engaged scholarship; coping with disabilities, risk, protection, vulnerability and resilience. He stress that it will be most important for those enabling the vulnerable young, to tackle the problems and issues they perceive to be theirs and they want to tackle.

For those who would like to learn more about these ideas there is a short video presentation recorded on YouTube available at this link. Colleagues within our school and at the University of Manchester are currently considering ways in which we can benefit from this work

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