Spring Fling - MSc Museum Education

Issued: Wed, 31 Mar 2021 15:45:00 BST

The latest MSc Museum Education social event proved to be lots of fun with some students and staff participating in a Spring Fling Quiz and sharing their museum and gallery themed egg designs. The eggs might not be Faberge but the group’s creativity and sense of fun shone through. The group also reflected on positive experiences in the past year with walking, photography, painting , baking, yoga and comical trips to coffee drive-throughs topping the list!

 Image of Dr Margaret McColl with her decorated egg

Dr Margaret McColl

 Thanh Nguyet Nguyen with her decorated easter egg

'This is my first Easter because we don’t celebrate this day in Vietnam. So I’m glad to join the event and decorate the egg :) Diana’s email made me think about the past year and also, about the spring out there. So I had an idea: gathering junk paper in my room, tearing them off and then sticking around the eggshell. It looked like the barren ground, like a year of hardship, uncertainty and loss. But, look, there’re two flowers blooming out of this ground. This is the spring that I feel right now, that everything will be fine, right?'

Thanh Nguyet Nguyen, MSc Museum Education

 Image of Rachel Hopkins with a drawing of her easter egg

'It was lovely to be able to get creative and share what we had made. I really enjoyed having time to talk with everyone in a relaxed and social way and hope we get the opportunity to do so in person soon!'

Rachel Hopkins, MSc Museum Education

 Iamge of Diana withe her Froda Kahlo inspired egg

'My egg was inspired by Frida Kahlo'

Diana Morton, MSc Museum Education

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