Whose Crisis Project

Issued: Thu, 04 Feb 2021 14:58:00 GMT

"Whose Crisis" Project

The SFA Network has been successful with its application submitted to the Arts and Humanities Research Council – Urgency Pilot Grant in June 2021 for the project “Whose Crisis: The global COVID-19 crisis from the perspective of communities in Africa." The Whose Crisis Project has been launched on September 1st 2020 and will be completed by August 31st 2021. This project is a collaboration between all 6 hubs of the Network.

The project aims to co-curate representations and develop understandings of the social and cultural crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa and expose unseen and misunderstood aspects of this time. The project will provide critical insights and inform and contribute to more equitable global responses including those related to health, policy, economics, and education.
The Phase 1 (Planning) of the project was concluded on January 14th, 2021. Between September and December, the different teams and working group submitted ethics applications, planned the logistics of the fieldwork (in the ever changing context caused by the rapidly evolving pandemic), developed communication and impact plans as well as the Global Voices Hub, and publicly launched the project during the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences.

In the coming weeks, the hubs will meet with the communities to further present the initiative and get consent from community leaders and local authorities. Once this important step is completed, the research teams will spend time with the communities to collect their COVID-19 stories through arts-based and culturally appropriate research methods (e.g. drama, storytelling, role playing, poem and song writing and recording, etc.).

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