Headteacher in Residence at the University of Glasgow

Issued: Wed, 02 Dec 2020 17:44:00 GMT

I am delighted to take up the role of Headteacher in Residence at the University of Glasgow this week. This is a secondment for the equivalent of one day a week from my current substantive post as Headteacher at Rosshall Academy, in Glasgow City Council. The University of Glasgow is a significant place for me as it was where I was awarded the BA in Dramatic Studies in 1990 taught jointly with the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) and, almost 30 years later in 2019, the Masters in Education (Educational Studies) from the School of Education, winning the William Boyd Prize for the most distinguished masters student in the School of Education.

I look forward to contributing, as a serving Headteacher, to the School of Education’s leadership preparation programmes such as Into Headship and Middle Leadership, and contributing to research that includes the lived experiences of Headteachers and schools in the discourse around education leadership and the future of headship. I have been a Headteacher for ten years now and I have always valued the connection between the academic and the experiential; the critical engagement with research and policy to improve thinking, understanding and practice of leadership in education. I have experienced many transformational developments in the purpose, ethos and inclusivity of schools, having been headteacher since the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence through many changes, including the ongoing impact of the National Improvement Framework, the autonomy and empowerment discourse and the current COVID-19 pandemic, all of which present tensions as well as opportunities in ethical leadership and Headteacher / school identity.

I am privileged to have been offered this opportunity at the University of Glasgow while continuing to serve the Rosshall Academy community as their Headteacher. I have enormous respect for the School of Education; their vision and their commitment to inclusion and educational leadership at all levels. I hope that my contribution will support and enhance the work on leadership development and headteacher preparation in a profession that needs social justice leaders who are inclusive, politically, digitally and media literate, and who have the confidence and agency to direct the narrative around education policy enactment in Scotland.

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