Asking new questions about our digital worlds

Issued: Wed, 26 Aug 2020 17:13:28 BST

Contemporary culture is characterised by the ubiquity of digital media technologies. Techniques of processing, storing, and transmitting data are continuously reconfigured and with them our everyday practices of connecting, relating, sharing, competing, and communicating. In this context, the Digital Society and Economy Interdisciplinary Group (University of Glasgow) and The Centre for Digital Cultures (CDC) of Leuphana-Universität Lüneburg (ECAS) are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. In this meeting, researchers from the University of Glasgow and Leuphana-Universität, Lüneburg will share provocations and key questions about our 

Digital worlds: contexts, concepts and methodological explorations”
Time: Sep 3, 2020, 14-17 CEST (1-4 pm BST)
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Among the speakers, Dr. Lavinia Hirsu from the School of Education will share a presentation on “Workers by self-design: Opportunities for new work configurations.” In light of a recent network project (see, Dr. Hirsu will raise a few critical questions about the future of digital literacies in contexts where work and job markets are difficult to access. These questions become even more pressing nowadays, during the current context of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. 

This event is meant to open up new opportunities for research collaborations on how we can understand and shape digital cultures today. We invite comments, observations and further ideas for collaborative research!

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