Podcast with Dr Jennifer Farrar , Silenced by the gaps?

Issued: Tue, 21 Jan 2020 16:04:00 GMT

Topic of reserach

The Status of Critical Literacy in Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence. 


What's new in this piece?

Our analysis of CfE policy reveals that the concept of critical literacy has been applied incoherently across literacy documentation, including the frequent conflation of critical literacy with the related but distinct concepts of critical reading and critical thinking. We problematise this presentation and consider how it could be changed.


In a nutshell

Critical literacy offers a powerful lens for teaching and learning, given its focus on how texts work and in whose interests. In these post-truth times, when concerns about fake news abound and text types become ever more sophisticated, it is crucial that we give learners access to powerful meaning-making tools. Scotland’s CfE seems to advocate critical literacy but the version offered to policy users is flawed, confusing and somewhat toothless. We suggest this is a missed opportunity and call for collaborative work across the education sector  to turn this situation around.

Silenced by the gaps? The status of critical literacy in Scotland’s curriculum for excellence.

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