“Silence and Silencing in Children’s Literature”-2019 Congress of the International Research Society on Children’s Literature (IRSCL)

Issued: Tue, 23 Jul 2019 08:44:00 BST

Hear, hear! “Silence and Silencing in Children’s Literature” is the topic for the 2019 Congress of the International Research Society on Children’s Literature (IRSCL). Six members of the University of Glasgow will be heading to Stockholm in August to present their papers, including Professor Robert Davis who will be giving a keynote entitled ‘Silence, Sirens and Sleep: The Experience of Lullabies’. IRSCL is the largest international research organization in the field of children’s literature and 500 delegates are expected to attend the Congress this year.

The three University of Glasgow members of staff and three PGR students form part of the group working in the area of Children’s Literature and Literacies (CLL) at the School of Education. One of them, Herdiana Hakim, completed the MEd CLL two years ago and is now carrying out doctoral research with a scholarship from the Indonesian government. Two other PhD students will be presenting: Heidi Lawrence, from the US and Shushu Li, from China (who also holds a scholarship from her native country, China). Dr Maureen Farrell, Programme leader for the MEd CLL, will be presenting on children’s literature in Scots (‘The Lion Rampant Roars Again’) and Professor Evelyn Arizpe will be discussing silence in migrant and refugee narratives. Prof Arizpe, who is Programme Leader for the new Erasmus Mundus International Masters Children’s Literature, Media and Culture (IMCLMC), has been a member of the IRSCL Board for four years and will be standing for President of IRSCL for the 2019-2021 term. Regarding the Congress theme, the organizers state on the website  that ‘Ultimately, by interpreting the ways in which silence and silencing (alternatively “sound” and “voicing”) work in children’s fictions through representations and reading practices we hope to cause an “alarum” that will be noisily heard throughout the world of children’s literature – and beyond!’. The University of Glasgow group fully intends to contribute to that noise!



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