British Council and the University of Glasgow join forces to provide training in Leadership Development in Ukraine - learning city spin-offs

Issued: Mon, 22 Jul 2019 12:12:00 BST

The British Council has recently made an award to Donetsk State University in the  Ukraine to progress the field of leadership development.  A Certificate has been awarded  as  part of a training programme which included a week-long visit to University of Glasgow  from  the Rector and Vice Rector of the university and three other staff. The visit to Glasgow provided an opportunity to learn from the experience of staff at Glasgow University and included lectures, workshops and visits within the School of Education. A cultural programme  was also organised in the city.


The programme was coordinated by Head of School, Professor Margery McMahon assisted by Dr Rob Mark, Honorary Senior Researcher in the School of Education. Rob Mark previously assisted  with setting up of a Centre for Third Age Education in Donetsk State University as part of an EU Tempus funded project.  This centre is currently providing  a range of programmes which include instruction in English Language and Computer studies for senior citizens. There are also programmes in art and culture and in intergenerational learning.  The centre is staffed by a team of volunteers which include staff and students studying at the university. As a result of their visit to Glasgow the Ukrainian members of staff were also intrigued by the learning city concept as a way of promoting the economic and cultural development of their city. The Learning city initiatives of PASCAL were therefore of particular interest.


Since returning to Ukraine the Rector of the university, Prof. Dr. Svitlana Marova, has opened discussion with various people within the university and local city council to explore the value of adopting a learning city model. Dr Rob Mark was invited to visit the university and speak about the work of PASCAL and the potential benefits which a learning  city might  bring to the region.


Many of the staff and students at this university have been displaced to Mariupol from the City of Donetsk as a result of the ongoing conflict in the region. Already the university has developed considerable expertise in reaching out to and providing education for those  whose lives have been affected by conflict in the region. This is clearly one aspect of the university‚Äôs role in learning city development.

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