Walk the Global Walk

Issued: Thu, 06 Jun 2019 11:12:00 BST

On Wednesday 5th June, a large group of enthusiastic and engaged young people came together at Glasgow City Chambers, then marched through Kelvingrove Park to the School of Education. This was an important event in the ongoing, EU funded ‘Walk the Global Walk’ project. This is a multinational partnership project involving 20 organisations from across Europe, with a focus on developing awareness of, and promoting actions in relation to, the Sustainable Development Goals. The Project Manager for the Scottish part of the project is Dr Alan Britton, working with colleagues in the School of Education, and Glasgow City Council. Dr Britton noted,

“This year’s focus is on sustainable cities – a crucial element in the SDGs. This is where the partnership with Glasgow City, and support from colleagues in the Centre for Sustainable, Healthy & Learning Cities & Neighbourhoods really adds value to the young people’s learning. We can bring together the pupils’ creativity and passion, together with real world, research-based understanding of the challenges facing not only the prominent global mega-cities, but also the challenges facing their own city. Throughout the project our emphasis is also on developing the young people’s understanding of issues of power, governance, influence and protest.”

The project is due to run for two more years; next session the focus is on Climate Action, then the final year will focus on Peace and Justice.


Walk the Global Walk 1  Walk the Global Walk 2

Pupils arriving with their placards.                         Pupils presensting their findings.

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