University of Glasgow educational researchers at the table

University of Glasgow educational researchers at the table

Issued: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 09:56:00 BST

On Tuesday 16 October 2018, the British Academy and the Royal Society launched a joint report, Harnessing educational research. This report was the outcome of consultations, commissioned studies, submissions and a multi-disciplinary working party looking into how the relationship between research, policy and practice could be advanced. The report proposes an agenda for educational research in the UK, ‘to improve coordination, collaboration and communication across the educational research ecosystem’ (p.5). Recommendations include a proposal for an Office of Educational Research as a new organisational structure to operate across the four UK nations. The report and a set of supporting evidence documents are freely available from the Royal Society’s webpage.

The University of Glasgow’s School of Education features as one of the example Higher Education Institutions highlighted in the report with three members of staff contributing to its evidence base in different ways:

  • Professor Trevor Gale, Head of the School of Education, contributed to an invited roundtable discussion with heads of departments of education in UK universities.
  • Professor Catherine Doherty was commissioned to develop a case study of the ‘New Basics’ project in Queensland as a case of high impact educational research, and of the conditions that enabled this work to happen (Evidence Document 5 available through the 'Evidence Documents' link).
  • Mr Peter Donaldson led an interdisciplinary team with members of the School of Computing Science that was commissioned to develop ‘A systematic review of the potential of machine learning and data science in primary and secondary education’ as a case study(Evidence Document 11 available through the 'Evidence Documents' link).

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