New funding for Erasmus Mundus Masters at the University of Glasgow

New funding for Erasmus Mundus Masters at the University of Glasgow

Issued: Mon, 02 Jul 2018 10:24:00 BST

The School of Education at the University of Glasgow, is pleased to announced further success within the Erasmus Mundus programme that will support one existing International Masters degree and two new Masters. 

In the case of the existing International Masters in Adult Education for Social Change (IMAESC), it has been funded for 4 more cohorts of students beginning in 2019 and the awarded is €3,929,000 to include 79 scholarships of the 2 year programme. This covers fees and a stipend for students. The new joint Masters degree will have 5 awarding partners, Glasgow (lead), Malta, Tallinn, Open University of Cyprus and a new partner, Maynooth.  In addition to the new degree awarding partner, Maynooth, we will have extended our global reach significantly with 29 Associate Partners on the proposal (10 international; 19 EU). These include the International Council for Adult Education, Canada (OISE/University of Toronto, University of British Columbia), Thailand (Chulalongkorn), Australia (University of Technology Sydney), India (PRIA), University of Botswana, Glasgow Women's Library, to name  a few. We have also arranged for some new opportunities for students to undertake summer internships. Glasgow Lead: Bonnie Slade

The IM CLMC (International Masters in Children’s Literature, Media and Culture) addresses the relationship between children's and young adult's texts and media, and how this relationship is interpreted, understood and responded to within different educational, social and cultural frameworks. This is especially important now and in the future, as texts and media have an impact not only on cognitive development but also on social inclusion and cohesion as well as on industry expansion. It will build on student’s interests and experiences related to children's and young adult (YA) literature, media and culture in order to deepen their knowledge of the expanding intersection of the fields of literature studies, media studies, childhood studies and education within an international perspective and to provide opportunities for students to consider how this understanding can be applied to different and (often rapidly) changing contexts of practice.

The IMCLMC Consortium is: University of Glasgow (United Kingdom) (Coord.); Aarhus University (Denmark); Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain); the University of Tilburg (Netherlands); the University of Wroclaw (Poland) and the University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada) (Summer School). Award: 79 scholarships and 4 editions funded (3.9M€). Glasgow lead: Evelyn Arizpe

The GLOBED (Masters in Education Policies for Global Development) aims to construct a coherent international education program in the areas of global education policy and international development. GLOBED will include a detailed and critical revision of policies and programmes that have dominated the field of education for development in recent decades, will provide the most state-of-the-art methodological tools to evaluate which policies work under what circumstances, and will also explore alternative education policy strategies for social justice and sustainable development. 

The GLOBED Consortium is: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) (Coord.), the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom), the University of Bremen (Germany) and the University of Cyprus (Cyprus).Award: 63 scholarships and 4 editions funded (3M€). Glasgow Lead: Oscar Valiente

Overall within the College of Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow we are involved in 8 such International Masters degrees. Our School of Social and Political Sciences (SPS) now leads 4 joint Masters, the School of Education leads 2  (and is a partner in a third) and our School of Inter-disciplinary Studies (SIS) in Dumfries has won its first. 

These are magnificent acheivements from all of those involved.

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