Activate wins best in “Giving Back to Glasgow”

Activate wins best in “Giving Back to Glasgow”

Issued: Tue, 05 Dec 2017 15:16:00 GMT

On Thursday 30th November, at the University Knowledge Exchange and Engagement conference, Activate won the “Giving Back to Glasgow” category. This award was for initiatives which demonstrated change outside of the academy, proactively targeting underserved audiences and are innovative in their design – all things which Activate achieves; therefore it was a fantastic result to get this award which recognises the contribution it plays in working alongside communities trying to make a difference.

Activate works well because it is a partnership between local communities, local organisations and the University of Glasgow. This 50 hour community based programme attracts students who are actively engaged in their community and facilitates critical engagement with a number of key Community Development concepts, such as, Community, Discrimination, Power, Local/Global issues and encourages students to reflect and relate these to their own lived experiences.

The impact of Activate has been felt in communities across the Country in a number of ways. Local community groups say they feel better equipped to take a strategic approach to dealing with community issues and working with authority. New ideas and opportunities have been created as a result of the very diverse group of students learning together. Some examples include the establishment of an intergenerational community project in the Eastend of Glasgow; Activators highlighting the lack of affordable youth provision in their area resulted in successfully leveraging in funds to develop their own youth services. The creation of an active learning centre to ensure that local people have access to necessary resources was very successful and much needed.

Activate contributed to all of the above because students felt confident and passionate about making their communities better places to live, work and play. In addition to the above Activate has helped unlock the potential in students to progress into Further /Higher education thus dispelling the myth that education is not for the likes of us. The ripple effect of this has assisted in the growth of organic intellectuals that instils a sense of local pride, hope and inspiration in communities.

This award really sums up what Activate is all about  - “Giving Back” , it’s such a great achievement for us and the School of Education, as it says “we really care”  what happens to communities and that we want to play our part in supporting the change needs to happen. Big thanks to our tutors and partners who make all this magic possible. For those interested in finding out more keep a look out for the Activate book coming out next year.

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