PGDE Taster Sessions

PGDE Taster Sessions

Issued: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 10:48:00 GMT

Are you interested in a career in secondary teaching but not sure what to expect?  Our taster sessions in literacy, maths and science are for you. Why not come along and see for yourself what it is like.  Each session is designed to give you a hands on practical insight of the programme.  You will have the ooportunity to ask questions about teaching, careers and opportunities.  Limited spaces are available, if you are interested please complete the registration form below.

Wednesday 28th March

9:30 - 12:30

St Andrew's Building, 11 Eldon Street, University of Glasgow, G3 6NH

Literacy - Dr Evelyn Arizpe

There has never been a more critical time to become an English teacher. Rapid developments in technology mean that young people are now bombarded by an increasingly sophisticated range of text types that require the crucial skills and confidence to distinguish between fiction and non-fiction, and fact from fake. In addition, there has never been a more creative time to be an English teacher, given the blossoming of children’s literature and the infinite classroom potential offered by multimodal and multilingual texts from around the world. 

Teaching English is a subject unlike any other. As a key part of the curriculum, it enables learners to unlock understandings and to master skills that extend into other subject areas and far beyond. Through English, we learn about literature, culture and ideas, while also acquiring powerful knowledge about how words - and the world - work. English is a core curriculum subject but it is also an essential element of life-long-learning and as such it contributes to vital aspects of personal and civic development. 

During this taster session, we will introduce you to the PDGE English course at the University of Glasgow. We will describe the potential of Children’s Literature and provide you with insights into an English teacher’s life that show how research and teaching are closely intertwined. The session will also include a short practical taster exercise to demonstrate how aspects of the course work.

Science PGDE (Chemistry,Physics & Biology) - Evelyn McLaren

Scotland has an international reputation for excellence in science and research and takes great pride in the expertise, achievements and innovation that have greatly impacted the way we live and thrive today. There is no better time to become a Science teacher and take your place in the continuing contribution to scientific life-long learning.

As a teacher of science you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge, skill and passion for a subject which offers learners active exploration and investigation of science in a varied, interesting, challenging and enjoyable way. You will also gain satisfaction in inspiring and harnessing the curiosity, creativity and diverse skills of learners. Science education helps learners develop a conceptual framework; strengthen problem solving skills and critical thinking as they apply meaning to science. The advancement of digital technology provides you as a science teacher with an interactive learning environment, where you can increase 21st Century skills while engaging learners in a range of topics from biodiversity to forces to properties and uses of substances.

This taster session will provide you with an insight into the PGDE Science (Chemistry, Physics and Biology) Course provided by the University of Glasgow- number one in the UK for Education 2018! You will experience how research informs practice and take part in a practical STEM themed broad general education session. Here we will focus on planet Earth by examining energy sources and sustainability. We will investigate the formation and extraction of fossil fuels before exploring and harnessing renewable energy in a practical STEM challenge to ignite your imagination and creativity.

Maths PGDE - Andrew Gallacher

Were you ever inspired by a fantastic Maths teacher? Now is your chance to come and find how you could become one yourself. The Great Maths Escape on the 28th March is aimed at showing you how the type of maths you learned in lower Secondary school can be used in practical ways to solve problems. Work together, or individually to overcome a series of challenges, and remind yourself of the enjoyment that can be had from Maths. There will also be opportunities to ask questions about Maths teaching, job opportunities and the postgraduate course at University of Glasgow.


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