Enhancing the Student Experience for International Doctoral Students

Enhancing the Student Experience for International Doctoral Students

Issued: Tue, 24 Oct 2017 09:56:00 BST

Enhancing the Student Experience for International Doctoral Students

28th November 2017, The Teacher Building, Glasgow

This full-day event will present different and complementary perspectives on the benefits and challenges surrounding international PhD education in the UK.

The capacity to enhance effectively the experience of international PhD students requires a joint effort across an entire institution. This full-day event endeavours to seek the combined professional, research-based, practice-based and personal perspectives of those who have gained in-depth knowledge, insight and understanding of international PhD students’ fascinating and complex experience.

Coming from different disciplines, countries of origin, and with rich insight and experience of international doctoral education in varying capacities, our five speakers’ perspectives on its benefits and challenges are intended to be complementary. Their views are aimed at raising points for further reflection as UK institutions continue to work towards an enhanced quality of international PhD experience.

‘UKCGE co-organised this event with a team from the School of Education, University of Glasgow. This event builds on the lessons learned from the team’s ESRC-IAA project: Towards maximising international PhD students’ experience in the UK’ and aims to extend the valuable conversations on the experiences of international doctoral students through new perspectives on crucial points raised at previous events, particularly seeking highly successful PhD supervisors’ perspectives and PhD students’ voice.’

Our outstanding speakers include:
Professor Sheila Trahar from the University of Bristol whose research expertise includes internationalisation experiences of staff and students. Sheila has an impressive record of having supervised over 40 doctoral researchers from 15 countries to successful completion.
Dr Rob Daley is an academic developer who plays a leading role in Heriot-Watt University’s researcher (staff and doctoral students) development agenda. Rob also co-edited a recently published book: ‘53 Ways to Enhance Researcher Development’.
Mr Apiwat Moolnangdeaw, a first year PhD scholar of the Royal Thai Government is studying at the MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Apiwat will share his insightful experience characterising his early transition, learning and adjustment in a new societal and academic setting.
Dr Ramona BlanesDr Oleksandra Pasternak are two recent PhD graduates from the Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow whol will offer retrospective views on similarities and contrasts surrounding their international PhD experience. Dr Ramona Blanes from Malaysia entered the PhD programme with 20 years of industry experience in Asia and Europe, whereas Dr Oleksandra Pasternak from the Ukraine did her PhD directly after completing a second Master’s in Sweden.
This event is aimed at PhD supervisors, PGR convenors, Deans of Graduate Studies, professional services staff with a PGR supporting role, international PhD students, international education stakeholders, international education researchers and anyone who has an interest in enhancing the experience of international PhD students in the UK.







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