CR&DALL Seminar Series

CR&DALL Seminar Series

Issued: Mon, 28 Aug 2017 10:40:00 BST

Seminar Series 2017-18

Roles & contributions of Higher Education in realizing SDGs

Presenter: Professor Rajesh Tandon

Friday, September 15th, 2017, 13.00-14.00, Conference Room, Urban Big Data Centre, 7 Lilybank Gardens, Glasgow G12 8RZ

The United Nations system universally adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 as beacons for socially, economically and ecologically sustainable development. This Agenda 2030 establishes 17 Goals which are universally applicable for all countries of the world. Within these globally agreed universally applicable SDGs, each country (and many provinces) have developed (or are in the process of developing) specific nationally and locally relevant benchmarks and indicators for achieving these commitments. While the SDGs are broadly acceptable to all countries and peoples, and have been developed through an extensive consultative process to enable wider ownership, achievement of this ambitious agenda by 2030 faces several capacity deficits. Professor Tandon will discuss these deficits including those concerned with political leadership, financial resources and human capital, and in this context consider the potential community-engaged role of higher education institutions. Within discussion the role of Big Data in this context will be considered.

Dr Rajesh Tandon is founder-President of PRIA, global participatory research & training Centre based in India. PRIA ( has completed 35 years of work in empowering citizens to claim their rights and organize their own communities. Along with Dr Budd Hall, he has been UNESCO Chair on community-based research & social responsibility in higher education ( since 2012. His expertise, research and writings span participatory development, civil society, democratic governance and community-university engagement. He has been co-editor of GUNI World Report 5 & 6.

All are welcome. Please RSVP to Yevdokia Adamiuk <> to book your place. A sandwich lunch will be available at 1245.

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