Student Support Group

Student Support Group


Dr Aileen Bell, Director of Dental Education


Dr Vivian Binnie, Deputy Director of Dental Education
  Mr James Donn, Student Advisor
  Dr Andrew Forgie, Student Advisor
  Dr Victoria Harper, BDS1 Year Coordinator
  Ms Fiona Mackenzie, Student Advisor
  Dr Jennifer Malcolm, Student Advisor
  Mrs Zayneb Makki, Student Advisor
  Mr Craig Mather, BDS3 Year Coordinator
  Mr Robert McKerlie, BDS2 Year Coordinator
  Mr Neil Nairn, Chief Advisor
  Dr Kurt Naudi, BDS4 Year Coordinator
  Dr Alun Scott, BDS5 Year Coordinator
  Dr Petrina Sweeney, Student Advisor
  Ms Jenna Wright, Administrative Officer




To identify those students whose progress is giving rise to concern and to arrange, where necessary, counselling, advice and support for such students.