Postgraduate Studies Management Committee


Dr Andrea Sherriff


Miss Susan Christie


Prof Ashraf Ayoub
  Mr Philip Benington
  Mr Frank Bonner
  Prof David Conway
  Dr Marta Czesnikiewicz-Guzik
  Dr Will McLean
  Dr Kurt Naudi
  Prof Gordon Ramage
  Dr Douglas Robertson
  Dania Almadi (PGT student representative)
  Mark Butcher (PGR student representative)


  • To oversee provision of PGT education and PGR supervision
  • To assist with the development of future courses
  • To make recommendations to the Dental School Executive regarding posts to support postgraduate education.
  • To formalise admission arrangements for PGT and PGR students
  • To oversee monitoring and mentoring of students
  • To develop standardised programme and course information documents
  • To discuss and agree appropriate fees for programmes