Dental School University NHS Liaison Group

Dental School University NHS Liaison Group


Prof Jeremy Bagg, Head of the Dental School 


  Dr Aileen Bell, Director of Dental Education
  Mr Frank Bonner, University/NHS Liaison and Outreach Administrator; Acting Dental School Administrator
  Prof David Conway, Director of Dental Research
  Dr Laura Cross, Joint Head of Clinical Dentistry Section
  Mr Alan Donaldson, Clinical Director, Glasgow Dental Hospital
  Dr Andrew Forgie, Joint Head of Clinical Dentistry Section
  Ms Lisa Johnston, Acting General Manager, Oral Health Directorate (OHD), NHS GGC
  Prof Lorna Macpherson, Deputy Head of the Dental School
  Mrs Angela McGee, Director of The School for Dental Hygiene & Therapy
  Mr Lee Savario, Chief of Dentistry, NHS GGC
  Dr Andrea Sherriff, Director of Postgraduate Student Affairs
  Mrs Jackie Wilson, General Manager, Glasgow Dental Hospital


  • To provide a forum for engagement of senior academic and NHS staff in the management of the educational, research and clinical service activities of the Dental Hospital & School.
  • To review reports, formulate actions and take decisions in relation to the management of resources available to the Dental Hospital & School.