Dental School Executive Committee

Dental School Executive Committee


Prof Jeremy Bagg, Head of the Dental School 



Dr Aileen Bell, Director of Dental Education
  Mr Frank Bonner, Section Head, Administration
  Dr Alison Cairns, Elected Member
  Prof David Conway, Director of Dental Research
  Dr Laura Cross, Joint Section Head of Clinical Dentistry  
   Elected Member
  Dr Andrew Forgie, Joint Section Head of Clinical Dentistry
  Prof Lorna Macpherson, Depury Head of School; Section Head, Community Oral Health
  Prof Gordon Ramage, Section Head, Biological & Medical Sciences
  Dr Andrea Sherriff - Director of Postgraduate Affairs


  • To identify and prioritise key strategic areas of activity relevant to the academic and administrative functions of the Dental School.
  • To pursue the ongoing development of teaching and research initiatives which will further the academic excellence of the Dental School's activities and ensure that they are in accordance with priorities set by the College of MVLS and the University.
  • To pursue an agenda to increase financial resources available to the Dental School within the University framework and to oversee the sound fiscal management of the resource available.
  • To set the agenda for the meetings of the Dental School University NHS Liaison group. 
  • To set achievable deadlines for the School's key activities and to monitor satisfactory adherence to the prescribed timetable.