Dental Education Committee

Dental Education Committee


Dr Aileen Bell, Director of Dental Education


Professor Jeremy Bagg, Head of Dental School
  Dr Viv Binnie, Lead of the Dental Education Research Group, Scholarship and Quality Enhancement Lead, Community Oral Health Education Lead, & Deputy Director of Dental Education
  Dr Alison Cairns, Teaching Quality Assurance Officer
  Dr Laura Cross, Head of Clinical Dentistry Section, Clinical Dentistry Education Lead & Chair of CDSELC
  Dr Andrew Crothers, Simulation lead
  Mr James Donn, Adult Outreach Coordinator
  Ms Suzanne Dowds, Student Representative
  Dr Christine Goodall, Head of BDS Admissions
  Dr Victoria Harper, BDS1 Course Coordinator
  Mr Rory Maciver, Student Representative
  Mr Craig Mather, BDS3 Course Coordinator
  Ms Angela McGee, DCP School Representative
  Mr Robert McKerlie, BDS2 Course Coordinator & Chair of Information Services Committee
  Mr Neil Nairn, Chief Advisor and Senior Mentor
  Dr Kurt Naudi, BDS4 Course Coordinator 
  Professor Gordon Ramage, Head of Biological and Medical Sciences section & Biological and Medical Sciences Education Lead
  Dr Al Ross, Director of Dental Electives programme
  Dr Alun Scott, BDS5 Course Coordinator
  Dr Andrea Sherriff, Director of Postgraduate Affairs
  Ms Jenna Wright, Administrative Officer


  • To consider and approve new course proposals and major changes to existing courses.
  • To consider and approve changes to the BDS Regulations. 
  • To be responsible for the management of the current BDS Programme of Study in relation to the delivery of teaching and assessment.
  • To monitor and promote procedures for quality assurance and enhancement.
  • To consider MVLS College, University of Glasgow, and external stakeholder, policies and strategies and their impact on learning, teaching and assessment within the Dental School.
  • To implement and monitor major changes in the BDS Curriculum
  • To receive reports from: 
    • BDS1 Course Coordinator
    • BDS2 Course Coordinator
    • BDS3 Course Coordinator
    • BDS4 Course Coordinator
    • BDS5 Course Coordinator
    • Director of Dental Education
    • Dental School Administrative Officer
    • Outreach Committee
    • Information Services Committee 
    • Admissions Committee 
    • BDS Staff/Student Liaison Committee 
    • Teaching Quality Assurance Officer
    • Electives Coordinator
    • DCP School
    • Scholarship and Quality Enhancement Lead
    • Administrative Officer

    And on Equality and Diversity Issues; and on any items to be added to the Risk Log.