BDS Staff/Student Liaison Committee

Joint Conveners: 

Mr Cameron Irvine, GDSS Student President
Dr Viv Binnie, GDSS Honorary Staff President 



Student  Members:


Ms Leanne Bell, Mr Hisham Khan, Mr Alistair Stoddart, Ms Megan Thompson, Mr Harry Wheeler
Mr Marcin Baranowski, Ms Alice Mackintosh, Ms Niamh Ritchie
Ms Sophie James, Mr Brandon Lim, Ms Neha Mahatma, Ms Carmen Nh, Mr Craig Smith
Ms Charlotte Logan, Mr Brinder Shergill, Ms Nirosha Sudhaharan, Mr Ewan Wilson, Ms Jin Yee Glenice Peh
Ms Sarah Atkinson, Ms Lisa Dalrymple, Ms Shivani Kumar, Ms Amy Thomson


Year Coordinators:

Dr Victoria Harper
Mr Robert A McKerlie
Dr Craig Mather
Dr Kurt Naudi
Dr Alun Scott
Staff Members:

Dr Ziad Al-Ani - Chair of Library Committee
Dr Aileen Bell - Director of Dental Education
Mr Frank Bonner - NHS Liaison
Mr Neil Nairn - Chief Advisor
Mr Lewis O'Connor - SRC SoMDN Representative
Mrs Kirsteen Valenti - College Library Support Manager
Ms Jenna Wright - Administrative Officer


The BDS Staff/Student Liaison Committee reports to the Dental Education Committee and provides a forum for formal staff/student interaction covering the five years of the BDS Programme of Study. It is chaired alternately by the Student President of the GDSS and by the Honorary Staff President. 
This committee also provides a forum for discussion of those issues that have school-wide implications and issues where resolution at a local (course or year level) level has failed. It provides an opportunity for students to comment on major course proposals, reports from external agencies. Other issues, such as those relating to resources, may be referred to the Dental School Executive Committee or the Head of School for resolution.