BDS Admissions Committee

BDS Admissions Committee



Dr Christine Goodall


Miss Patricia Hassan

Committee members: 

Dr Aileen Bell, Director of Dental Education
Mrs Alison Cairns, University Representative
Mrs Liz Glass, General Dental Practice Representative
Mr Neil Nairn, University Representative
Ms Fiona Mackenzie, NHS Representative
Ms Jenna Wright, Administrative Officer

The Dental School strives to identify talent and potential and recruit the most able students who have the potential to succeed. To achieve this aim, it is imperative that all admissions structures and processes uphold the principles of fair admissions and are underpinned by transparency, reliability and inclusion and are applied consistently and equitably to all.


  • To develop and implement policies, procedures and processes to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and regulations. These include the QAA Quality Code, General Dental Council, the University Strategy, applied with reference to Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) guidelines, the Schwartz Report: “Fair Admissions to Higher Education: Recommendations for Good Practice (2004)”and the Supporting Professionalism in Admissions (SPA) Good Practice Guidelines.
  • To ensure consistent implementation of policy, procedures and processes in order that applicants to BDS are treated fairly, with dignity, respect and courtesy, thereby promoting a positive candidate experience.
  • To review new national-level research and/or good practice recommendations and consider the impact for Admissions policies and procedures.
  • To review entry requirements to ensure qualifications are being considered in an up-to-date context and are equivalent across different qualifications.
  • To determine entry requirements and ensure publication in a clear, transparent and accessible way and in good time for applicants to make informed choices.
  • To analyse qualification profiles of both successful and unsuccessful applicants on an annual basis to identify any changes in the qualification profiles of the cohort.
  • To review BDS Admissions webpages and promotional materials and identify required updates.
  • To monitor student admissions, retention, progression and graduation data to identify trends.
  • To approve annual Admissions report prior to submission to the Dental Education Committee and the Dental School Executive.
  • To coordinate BDS student recruitment and conversion activities, including participation in University Open days’ and Widening Participation initiatives.
  • To review Extenuating Circumstance applications to determine if an application should be upheld, and if so, agree alternative offer for applicant.
  • To create Multiple-Mini Interview (MMI) stations in line with the Attributes framework and finalise list of MMI stations to be used in an Admissions cycle, ensuring a balance of station types and attributes assessed.
  • To determine UCAT cut-off score to be used to ensure applicants shortlisted for the MMIs have the most appropriate abilities and professional behaviours required for new dentists to be successful in their clinical careers.
  • Review results of MMI’s and agree a final rank list of candidates considering intake targets and widening participation targets, and, based on this information, agree offers to be issued to applicants.
  • To monitor developments throughout the admissions cycle to check actual situation remains in line with predicted trends and to spot any deviation early.
  • To review staff and candidate feedback and reflections on the MMI process to inform future planning.