Dental School Winners at Student Teaching Awards 2012 - 13

Issued: Fri, 05 Apr 2013 16:33:00 BST

Dr David Cross 
Orthodontics Year 3 Co-ordinator

Mrs Michelle Carmichael
BDS Year 3 Secretary

Mr Neil Nairn
Orthodontic Dental Instructor

Mr Iain Buchanan
Orthodontic Teaching Lead
Year 3 Orthodontics was voted the best overall subject area taught in the University at the Glasgow University SRC Student Teaching Awards 2012-13. This award is given “For the overall best subject area that you feel is best for your learning experience as a whole, taking into account all factors, such as individual teachers, postgrad tutors, support staff and much more”.  The Year 3 Orthodontics Team (pictured) consists of Dr David Cross, Mrs Michelle Carmichael, Mr Neil Nairn, and Mr Iain Buchanan.‌


Another winner from the Dental School at the awards was Mike Broad, who won the Best Student Advisor award. ‌

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