Biblical Studies Research Review 2010-11

Yvonne Sherwood completed her BARDA project, entitled Between Abraham and the Modern (£112.5K) submitted a monograph and made a plenary presentation at the American Academy of Religion. In addition to publishing his monograph, Ward Blanton was involved in the planning and organisation of the new PGT programme ‘Theology and Religious Studies’, and was invited to give eleven lectures in six different countries, sharing a stage with Alain Badiou and Eric Santner to engage Badiou’s interpretation of Paul for a work of political theatre entitled The Incident at Antioch. He was awarded €39,000 by the Danish Council for Independent Research: Humanities group for the first international meeting of the Religion and Political Thought group in Copenhagen. This activity in Biblical Studies was augmented by the weekly seminar group, one highlight of which was a visit from Prof Timothy Beal.