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Current & Previous Research

Current and previous research students in Biblical Studies have worked on topics that include:

  • Matthew's Gospel and Christian origins
  • The Bible and Darwinism in 20th Century Britain
  • Biblical studies and methodological naturalism
  • A historical exploration of the development of Calvin’s biblical doctrine of providence
  • The Son is Truly Son: The Trinitarian and Christological Theology of Eusebius of Caesarea
  • Dream Narratives in Antiquity
  • Paul and Ecological Hermeneutics
  • Education and Scripture
  • Septuagint Ezekiel
  • Verb Renderings in Greek Psalms
  • Covenant Language in the Pentateuch
  • The Gospels and Ancient Biography
  • Lucifer in contemporary culture
  • Muriel Spark’s biblical intertexts
  • Themes of dwelling and wandering in Genesis
  • Queer themes and intertexts in Jonah
  • Wenceslaus Hollar’s etchings as sequential art
  • Biblical women in belle époque painting
  • Matriarchs and motherhood in R. Crumb’s Genesis